Throwback Thurs! Kate Beckinsale Goodness! Love & Friendship Q and A! Photos! Autographs! And More!

I heart Kate Beckinsale, she’s not only one of the most beautiful people ever, but I’ve always had such nice experiences meeting her.

This is one of my favorite events, and to get there, my car was trapped, I had to get an uber to get over there, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I’m so so glad I did.

Check out the recap below!


Kate Beckinsale has always been one of my favorites, I know I’ve talked about how awesome she’s been on here before, but I’ve been dismayed by some reports where she hasn’t been as sweet.

There was a q and a bright and early on Sunday morning for Kate’s film Love & Friendship.

I had quite a morning as the city decided to pave my street and even though they said we would not be blocked in anyway, alas… I was.

After a quick mad panic, I grabbed an uber and headed over. They crowd was already in, but Billy and Gaston saved me a spot which was nice.

Anyway, there were donuts and coffee thanks to Amazon, before hand so I was properly sugared up.

The film was really cute, not always my taste but Kate Beckinsale was great in it. During the q and a, the talk was steered towards the film and working with Whit Stillman.

love-friendship-q-and-a-kate-beckinsale-meeting-fans-13 love-friendship-q-and-a-kate-beckinsale-meeting-fans-13 love-friendship-q-and-a-kate-beckinsale-meeting-fans-13

To be honest, I could listen to Kate talk all day!

“I think one of the strengths of Lady Susan is her brain, she has a tremendous wit.” Said Kate Beckinsale.

When the conversation turned to the language of Jane Austin, Kate had a lot to say.

“I think, and that was the biggest challenge of the film. I kept asking Whit, if I could have a final version of the script, and he’s a sneaky bugger and he basically baked the film in his mind and then turns up in the make up trailer and then turns everything around.” Kate laughed, “It was terrifying, you just hear this swish of corduroy and he’ll go, ‘I just want to move this paragraph here and move this up here.’ We only had 28 days to shoot and it was an amazing challenge.”




“He’s so good, it’s funny, his name is Whit and you want to say, ‘he has an amazing wit,’ but Whit Stillman is such an amazing director and writer, he’ll work on a script for years and then in the moment, he can find something even better.” Kate exclaimed with a laugh.



The q and a was really good and after wards, people went to the stage and Kate was so sweet. I’ve always known Kate to be adorable but here, this was above and beyond. She literally signed until there was nothing left to sign.




I mean it was incredible.

Then Kate did photos, from the stage, I’m telling you she looked incredible. I even got the chance to talk with her for a few minutes while she was signing, we talked about Cold Comfort Farm and how Stephen Fry was in this as well as that film.

I was in heaven.

Kate beckinsale meeting fans photo rare

It was the perfect morning. I got five mini posters signed and a photo.


Until next time kids…

Kate Beckinsale signed autograph underworld Blood Wars poster psa

Kate Beckinsale signed autograph underworld Blood Wars poster psa

Kate Beckinsale signed autograph underworld awakening poster psa

Kate Beckinsale Claire Danes Signed autograph brokedown palace poster

Kate Beckinsale signed autograph love and friendship poster PSA

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