Throwback Thurs! The First Celebrity I Ever Met In Los Angeles! Keanu Reeves! AKA Ted “Theodore” Logan! My 10 Year Anniversary!

For Throwback Thurs… Hmmm…

I was thinking, what do I write about?  Then I started watching The Matrix and… it dawned on me… I’ll talk about the first person I ever met in Los Angeles… Keanu Reeves.

Now, as you all know, I’m a huge fan of Keanu Reeves. I get teased about it, but he’s been in some of the best films of all time. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Constantine, Matrix, John Wick, Speed, just to name a smattering. And really, when can you type up smattering these days?

keanu reeves alex winter signed autograph bill and ted's excellent adventure poster alex winter signing autographs for fans silent movie theater 005

But there are also so many other excellent Keanu Reeves films that you might not have seen, Hardball, The Gift, Parenthood, The Devil’s Advocate, The Replacements, My Own Private Idaho, Much Ado About Nothing, I mean, this was just off the top of my head.

parenthood cast signed laserdisc ron howard brian grazer mary steenburgen steve martin

Plus, if you watch Youngblood again, a very young Keanu is part of Rob Lowe’s hockey team!

My friend Scott is also a huge Keanu Reeves fan and we were lucky to get a chance to see him when he taped a tonight show appearance like 10 years ago now. Okay, it was June 6, 2010. Ask me how I remember and I’ll just point to the fact that my pictures are organized. After the show we waited in the back as we had VIP tickets and could do those things back in the day. Ahhhh, the old times.

keanu reeves signed autograph matrix movie poster rare promo

As Keanu was leaving, we yelled for him and he came right on over. Keanu signed a magazine for me and he did photos with everyone there who asked. It was pretty awesome for a kid from Detroit. I really don’t think I slept for two days I was so excited.

He was really playful and nice coming over and it was a super amazing day!

Keanu Reeves Fan Photo Signing autographs selfie 1

The fantastical Ms. Pinky will be back next week when she feels above the weather as opposed to under it!

Until next time kids…

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