Kevin Flynn AKA Jeff Bridges AKA The Dude pulls his car over to sign for fans!

jeff bridges autograph tron legacy true grit DVD blu identit disc signed white

I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. I just got a call from CB who is stalking… I mean trying to get Jeff Bridges to sign. Well… he got Jeff Bridges… Sigh… Jeff is toying with me I say. Jeff is doing a television talk show taping today and CB along with a few other people flagged Jeff down and he stopped on the way in to sign for everyone. I’m running late, Scotty is late… and we both missed him… Ugh…

3:31 p.m. – I have so much Tron Legacy stuff for Jeff, it’s not funny. I kept missing him last time I went out for him. Ah well… He theoretically said he would stop on the way out as well… So, I guess we shall see…

3:43 p.m. – Scotty just arrived. There are like six or seven of us know… ugh… I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when all you have is a tiny car window, it’s a lot. And one guy has identity discs all the way up his arm to get signed… Sigh…

3:52 p.m. – I did bring my white identity disc, that’s super rare, and my Tron Legacy mini poster, and Erica’s Tron poster and my Big Lebowski Bowling Ball special edition DVD set. You have to get the Big Lebowski bowling ball signed right! Lol…

4:01 p.m. – Scotty still has his magazine he’s been trying to get signed for ages. CB said he would help me out and get the bowling ball signed after he tried to throw my special edition white Kevin Flynn identity disc. I took the disc away from him cause of that. LOL… Can you blame me?

4:13 p.m. – It’s a nice day. There’s one huge Jeff Bridges fan here by the name of Janise. She made a sign asking Jeff to stop. LOL… And she has a bag of stuff for him! Lol… I tell you Tron fans are dedicated!

Janise tron legacy jeff bridges sign uber fan kevin flynn identity disc orange rare

4:17 p.m. – The show should be done around 4:30 ish… it’s an early taping today.

4:22 p.m. – It’s a nice day out, not too cold not too hot. Perfect really. No complaints! I know it’s shocking right! Lol…

4:34 p.m. – Hmmmmm No movement yet. Jeff actually drove himself today, so we are not looking for a town car or anything…

4:39 p.m. – I think I saw Jeff walking to his car in the distance. Everyone is getting ready… Oh Lord here goes the craziness!

tron legacy signed poster jeff bridges signed rare true grit promo dvd blu

4:45 p.m. – There he is! Jeff looks over at us and rolls down the window as promised. He says something like, “Hi guys…” We all walk/run over… I have my Tron Legacy poster out and Jeff keeps missing it… He has a silver in his hand… It’s killing me… killing me…Honestly, Jeff is really signing mainly toys… But there are a lot of toys there… lol…

jeff bridges signed autograph promo poster mini rare tron legacy kevin flynn promo

4:45 p.m. – Finally, (I say finally but it was probably 30 seconds. It seemed like forever) Jeff finally got my mini poster. I look over and CB got my bowling ball signed at almost the same time. I switched to Erica’s poster but I think since they both look the same he thought he signed it. Then Jeff switched to a blue pen. Ah well… Next time Erica!

the big lebowski promo bowling ball dvd signed autograph jeff bridges rare

4:46 p.m. – Jeff Bridges says, “Okay guys, I’m getting ready to go.” Then he signs my white identity disc, and a couple more.

jeff bridges signed autograph white identity disc tron legacy kevin flynn rare

And he was off. He said something like, “I’m going to practice saying no, and head out.”

jeff bridges tron legacy true grit identity disc rare signed autograph stop sexy hot shirtless

That was so cool of him to stop. He must have signed like 50 things for the seven of us.

jeff bridges tron legacy true grit rare autograph signed poster signed promo identity disc

I only got two…. Well, no I got three thanks to CB and I am ecstatic! Scotty got his magazine signed and personalized as well, and Jeff even wrote around Garrett Hedlund who Scotty has but I don’t…. grrrr… lol… Jeff Bridges is a class act! And so fan friendly! I’m very impressed!

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