Kylie Minogue Promoting Aphrodite in Los Angeles Signing Autographs For Fans! Sexy Hot Rare Full Report and Pictures!

Kylie Minogue Aphoridite Autograph Signed Jay Leno Tonight show get Outta My WayAnother reader review! I know how exciting! And this time for one of my all time favorite worldwide superstars! None other than the phenominal, gorgeous, stunning… Brilliant… Ms. Kylie Minogue! “All the Lovers… That have gone before…” come on sing along with me… “They don’t compare to you…” Yes, I have had a lot of Diet Coke today, well Coke Zero why lie… Anyway, check out once again the amazing photos from reader Scott, of Ms Kylie Minogue, and his review as well! You rock Scott!

Kylie Minogue is in Los Angeles!
By: Scott

Kylie Minogue is one of my favorite all time singer / entertainers. Since she has not made many personal appearances in the United States, it is a huge deal to have her in town! My friend and I have found out she is going to be in Los Angeles making an appearance on NBC’s EXTRA! and Jay Leno.
On Tuesday, I jumped in my car after work and made like “bat out of hell” down the 101 and through Hollywood to the Grove at Farmer’s Market. They film EXTRA! at the Grove during the week. I made it just minutes before Kylie was escorted into the filming area.
Kylie Minogue Los Angeles Sexy Extra The Grove Signing Autographs Get Outta My Way

I was so excited that I made it there on time. It is such a treat to be so close to Kylie, and be able to hear the interview in person.
Kylie Minogue Extra Mario Lopez Grove Sexy hot Stunning Aphrodite
She announces that she will be touring next year, which will include the United States. All the fans watching are very excited by the news.
Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Sexy Mario Lopez Extra The Grove Autograph

Following the interview, Kylie poses for photos for the media. She then graciously comes over to sign autographs for us. I am so excited as she signs my 2009 USA Tour poster and my 7” Get Outta My Way single. She totally made my day!
My Friend and I make our way to a nearby bench to collect ourselves and look at the autographs Kylie has signed. Thank you Kylie!

On Wednesday, I made my way to the NBC Studios to try and get one other item signed by Kylie. Again, it is not often that Kylie is in the USA, and as a huge fan, I have a number of items that I would love to have Kylie grace with her signature. Kylie truly has one of the most beautiful autographs ever. Since Americans are not completely familiar with Kylie’s catalog, there are only a few true die-hard fans waiting. The audience from the taping emptied out and we are a little worried that Kylie may not stop with so many people. After a few minutes, a black SVU pulls out of the studio, and pulls over. It’s Kylie!
Kylie Minogue outside the Tonight Show with Jay leno Signed Autographed

Her security guard gets out and says that he will hand over any items that we would liked signed. The back window rolled down, and there is Kylie. It is truly unreal that she is there. She asks whom the autograph should be made out to, and I answer, “Scott.”
Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Signed Autograph V Magazine Sexy Scott Davis
She signs my V Magazine. It’s awesome! I can’t believe it. It is a more beautiful signature than the 7” Get Outta My Way from yesterday. Thank you Kylie for making your American fans SO HAPPY! You are the best! We can’t wait for your tour next year!

Kylie Minogue Signed Autograph V Magazine Scott Davis Rare Sexy

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