Lady Gaga On the Cover of Vogue for March 2011 and She Looks Hot! H-O-T HOT!

Lady Gaga vogue 2011 purple monster fame sexy hot naked magazine cover rare 2011

I’m not a huge fan of vogue covers, I mean I have some just waiting to be signed… Hello, Rachel McAdams… But I am a fan of any interesting magazine covers I see no matter what the title. And this one… Well… Lady Gaga always has interesting photo shoots, I mean she just brings it to the table. I know she might be polarizing at times, but I for one like her outspoken nature and demeanor. Plus, she is all about being inclusive which I appreciate! Anyway, I love this photo shoot, I love the cover, I love it all! The purple hair, all of it. And I’m very excited for Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way! Whoo hoo! Take a look at the rest of the shoot after the jump!

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lady gaga vogue magazine march 2011 photo shoot born this way rare album cover
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