Love Is In The Air After I Meet Love Actually Star Laura Linney! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Can I just tell you, there are certain actresses who I just love. One of them is Laura Linney.

Now, Laura hasn’t really been out and about in Los Angeles but she’s doing a play so I figured it was a good time to try.

Laura Linney fan photo signing autographs love actually 1

Big Mike headed on over with me, even though he didn’t have anything to get signed himself. How nice right?

We headed down and there wasn’t anyone else here so it was nice and calm. I have so many things for Laura Linney it’s crazy! How did this happen?

I have three press kits for The Big C, mini posters for Love Actually, The Big C, Mothman Prophecies, and The Truman Show. Plus, a counter standee for The Big C and Weeds. Whew. I know!

Laura Linney was also great in Congo, but let’s be real… I didn’t love that movie. Even though Laura Linney was really good in it, the film itself wasn’t a favorite.

This was such a nice night and it was great to hang out with Big Mike for a few minutes.

Not long after the play ended out came Laura Linney with a few friends.

She was really gracious and said, “You guys always have the most interesting things…”

Laura Linney signed the mothman prophecies mini poster

She signed a few for Mike and then me. She saw the Love Actually poster and was like, “awwwww… Love Actually!” When she saw the press kit for season one of The Big C, she said that she’s never even seen it! I always find that crazy.

Laura Linney signed the big c season one press kit

After she signed for us, I was able to get a picture with Laura Linney “really quick.”

Laura Linney fan photo signing autographs love actually 2

And that, as we say is that. It was a really fun night and super calm and simple.

Until next time kids…

Laura Linney signed autograph love actually uk quad mini poster

Laura Linney signed autograph the truman show uk quad mini poster

Laura Linney the big c signed autograph mini poster

Laura Linney the big c signed autograph weeds counter standee

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