Legit Season 1 DVD Review! Comedian Jeff Jefferies Is Inappropriate, Rude And Hysterical!

Australian comedian Jeff Jefferies has found himself and new home on FXX and he should be very thankful he’s on a cable channel and not network television. Because to say Jeff is “blue” is like saying the pope is only moderately Catholic. To be honest, that’s a lot of the series charm though. You couldn’t imagine “Legit” with anyone else in the lead.

As do many television series starring stand up comedians, Jeff Jefferies pretty much plays himself or a slight variation of his persona. Jeff shares a house in Venice, CA with his buddy Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and Steve’s handicapped brother Billy (DJ Qualls). Jeff is an actor and before you can say, “been there, done that” Legit separates itself from the pack.

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In the pilot episode, Jim and Steve break Billy out of a nursing home to get Billy laid and pop his cherry. They end up in Sin City at a whore house where it’s revealed that Billy has a sizable member.

If that’s the pilot you may be asking yourself where the series is going to go from there? In the subsequent 13 episodes, Jim, Steve and Billy become a happy dysfunctional threesome that eventually includes Steve’s mother (Mindy Sterling) who is wound a little too tight and only slightly disapproving.

Legit season one promo review jim jefferies 4

One of my favorite episodes, is titled “Hoarders.” It’s hysterical, Jeff and Steve’s friend Janice, is revealed to be a hoarder and her house is filled with stuffed animals and old newspapers while Walter is forced to live in a tent in the backyard. It really makes the characters real without making them caricature.

Legit season one promo review jim jefferies 4

This is a series that totes the line between humor that is plain wrong and plain hysterical. To it’s benefit, Legit balances both of these so well that it’s almost impossible to get offended even while you’re getting insulted… You and everyone else watching the series for that matter.

Legit season one promo review jim jefferies 4

Jeff Jefferies shows no mercy and skewers the narcissistic profession known as acting and how overrated it is. He even calls it not a real profession. I’m not sure I agree, but it’s always funny when the shallowness of actors is made fun of, from their very mouths.

Legit season one promo review jim jefferies 4

Legit season one comes loaded with some awesome bonus features. There is a pretty funny gag reel, the director’s cut of the pilot which adds a little bit more to the episode, an assortment of commentary tracks, deleted scenes, a featurette called Jim Jeffries Journey, and Rodney autotune.

Legit season one promo review jim jefferies 4

Overall, I admit I wasn’t familiar with Legit before watching the season one DVD, but now… I am. It’s an awesome show that while offensive is refreshingly honest, provocative and awesome. I highly suggest you check it out, just make sure you have a thick skin!

Legit season one is out now on DVD!

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