Contest Time! Should Billy Shave His Beard! Vote YAY Or NEY And Win The Lego Movie On Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

As we all gear up to head to Comic Con, there’s one thing… ONE THING that is driving all of us batty here at MTF. Like… Crazy batty..

That’s Billy’s Paul Bunyon beard. Seriously, it needs to go.

But here’s the thing… Billy isn’t going to take my, or anyone he knows word for it…

Jhenny Andrade UFC Fan Expo Day 1 autograph signing photos rare 7

Can I just tell you, his beard is so unkempt and bushy small animals are hoping to make their homes in it.

This woman was digging for change to get bus fair.

UFC Fan Expo Amazement! Billy Meets Cain Velasquez! Rashad Evans! Anthony Pettis! Octagon Girls! And More!

To convince Billy Beer that he needs to shave his face fro, I’m turning to you, dear readers.

I want you to vote Yay or Nay, should Billy keep the beard, and come up with the best nickname or use for Billy’s beard.

It can be fun like, “NAY! Billy’s Beard looks like an overgrown face pube”

It can be comical like, “YAY! Billy’s Beard would house a family of four for the winter”


A nickname can be….

NAY! Billy’s Beard? More like Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s love child!

YAY! Billy’s Beard? I’d call it Stimey.. Why? Because it looks like a Stimey!

I don’t care.

Dakota Fanning Kristen Ritter Fan photo selfie signing autographs 3

One winner will be chosen at random to win a copy of The Lego Movie on blu-ray combo pack. Thanks to our fine friends at Warner Bros. for supplying the prize and helping out mankind.

Seriously, I want to see if you think Billy should shave it off or not.

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