Billy Plays The Game Of Thrones After Meeting Lena Headey! Fan Photos! Autographs! And More!

There are some events that I wish I could have gone to. This is one of them. I had a furry friend visiting and couldn’t bring him out in the blistering heat. Doh!

Billy is another furry friend who could handle the heat and headed out to meet Ms. Lena Headey from Game of Thrones and Sarah Connor. I miss The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was such a good show.

Check out Billy’s recap below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool.  Today we are off the meet the Queen, Lena Headey herself.  She was out doing a fundraiser meet and greet at the NOH8 building.  The meet and greet cost $25 which included a picture, and an autograph was an additional $20 per auto.  It might seem like a lot to some, but if you look at what big names on big shows are starting to charge, this was a STEAL!  Plus the money goes to charity, and not a promoter that would make her sign a million more things so they could sell them and make a profit. 

Now I know Lena is out every now and then.  And when she is, she’s usually very friendly to her fans.  But since I can’t make it to every event all the time, I decided this would be a good time to get her on my Game of Thrones Comic Con poster.

I get there early and run into a couple of familiar faces.  While we’re waiting, we’re noticing the line isn’t as long as we would have expected.  Lena is kind of a big name.  Maybe the fact it’s during the day, and it’s a million degrees outside scared a few people away. 

When the gates open, it’s really laid back.  Lena arrives, and things begin.  My friends go first, and they get photo-ops and autographs done.  When I get up there I ask her if we can have a little bit of fun.  She’s like sure, what do you want to do. 

Lena Headey fan photo signing autographs game of thrones  2

I ask her if she could grab my beard.  She did it quite enthusiastically!   The picture came out great, you can see the pure joy she is getting by grabbing my beard.  I tell her we missed her at Comic Con and she told me in her British accent she had to take care of the little ones.  Too Cute! 

Lena Headey fan photo signing autographs game of thrones  2

After she signed my poster I thanked her and was on my way.  I decided to stick around, and see if maybe I could get a normal picture with her too since I saw people taking more than one.  When the line was finally finished she was nice enough to take another. 

Lena Headey fan photo signing autographs game of thrones  2

I didn’t want to press for more autos outside, this was a fundraiser, the staff had been amazing, and I felt kinda bad about doing that, so I left.  It was still great, got to meet the Queen, and help support a great cause.  Gotta go, it’s happy hour somewhere!!   

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