Billy Beer Plays The Game Of Thrones After Meeting Cersei Lannister! AKA Lena Headey! Autographs and More!

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Today we are off the see the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei herself, Lena Headey. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lena since I think she moved back overseas. She was out doing a Q&A for her movie Flood and I was lucky enough to get a ticket.

I ended up getting to the movie about 25 minutes late for a 98 minute movie. Since I saw a couple of friends outside, I decided to just wait outside and see if she would sign on the way in. After waiting a while, we finally see her. But it was right before the Q&A was about to start so I figured she wouldn’t have time and my best chance would be inside or on exits. So I went into the Q&A. The subject matter of the movie was quite a serious one, but they did a good job of making it very informative and still had a few moments of fun (Lena was jokingly asking if anyone had some booze cause it was a Saturday night and she was sober).

When the Q&A was over, Lena stuck around as long as she could in the theater signing autographs and taking pictures.

I was able to get one of my cards signed and an 8×10 (NOT 5×7!!!) photo-op I had from years ago along with getting another photo. Then she went to the upstairs for a while as people were still outside waiting for her.

After a bit she came outside and couldn’t have been nicer, basically signing everything the 10 or so graphers had and taking photos with anyone who asked. I was able to get a second card signed and had a little help taking a better photo-op. Ended up being a great night! Until next time.

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