Fanboy Fail Friday! Susan Asks “What’s Eating You Leonardo DiCaprio?” After He Ignores 10 Waiting Fans! Doh!

Doh! It’s Fanboy Fail Friday and Suddenly Susan has a heartbreaking tale, a tale… Of defeat, of anger, of sadness, just like the sinking of the Titanic, her cries were heard across the corners of the world. Okay, I’m being dramatic, lol… But when you have a Fanboy Fail, it’s always sad.

Suddenly Susan headed out for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape star Leonardo DiCaprio, and usually… He’s a pretty cool guy… This time…. Not so much!

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Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor of such high caliber, he only needs to go by three letters. All you need to say is Leo and people know who you’re talking about. I’ve only tried for his autograph two times; both of which he was a no-show. So, it was hard to know what to expect from this outing. But, after seeing Leo make Mike’s top ten signers of 2013, I had high hopes. I assumed the crowds would be my enemy, or hard-ass security. Turns out the enemy was Leo himself.

I arrived at the venue expecting at least 40 people. To my surprise, there was only two! I met up with the one and only Anushika. It always more fun to have an auto-bud with you. By the time the event was about to begin, the group had grown to 10. Not bad at all. The split was about 7 fans, 3 dealers (surprisingly the non-douchey kind). I had a positive vibe and really thought this was going to go down.


We waited on the sidewalk a stone’s throw from where Leo would be brought through. Leo arrived and we called his name. He blew past us “on the phone” faster than butter on a stack of hot pancakes. Two minutes later, he walked back out (apparently too early for his Q&A) and he was again “on the phone”.

Security then asked us to cross the street, as that part of the sidewalk was private property. This was all BS of course, because the sidewalk is public property, just like the parking entrance it leads to with a giant sign stating “PUBLIC PARKING”. No matter. The guy was actually pretty nice about it. We crossed and waited to bolt back at the first sign of Leo.

leonardo dicaprio shirtless wolf of wall street hot

And so we waited. For twenty minutes. Leo stood in the lobby of the venue chit chatting and enjoying a beverage. Clearly, he had the time to sign for 10 people. Now it was time for him to re-enter the event. We bolted across and he zoomed past again. Dang it! Security let us stay where we were and we knew Leo’s exit would be our last shot. Thirty minutes went past and it was game on! This is it. The last shot, the whole enchilada, the big moment…. Dun dun dun… Leo walks past at a slower pace and completely ignores us for the last time.


Sadness, heartbreak, anger. Really Leo? Ten people and you give us the diss? Not only that, but we were all lined up calmly and quietly waiting. Only a few people called his name, so you could clearly hear the pleas – please Leo, just one each sir? Please Leo, were actual fans! Nothing worked. What bugs me the most was the fact that in the four times he walked past, he never even looked our way. He completely ignored our existence as if we didn’t matter. Guess what Leo – I do matter. I buy tickets to your movies. I buy your movies on Blu-Ray when they’re released. I buy magazines with you on the cover. I understand that he is relentlessly hounded wherever he goes, but with such a small group all people being polite and calm, how could he see that if he never even looked our way? How could he see that it wasn’t the same old dealers after him, but some fans who’ve never met him?


It was fun hanging out with Anushika and I made met some cool new auto-buds, so the night wasn’t a total bust. I wouldn’t put Leo on my worst signer list, but he certainly wouldn’t make my best. Does he deserve an angry Theo award? I’ll let the man who knows Theo best decide.

(Editor’s Note: And I declare! An Angry Theo is in order! For ignoring said fans! Leo you are awarded the Angry Theo! It’s better if that’s said in a fine Scottish Brogue! 😉 M-)

theo the cute most adorable French bulldog in the world angry theo award rare promo brown french bulldog

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