Leslie Nielsen Star Of Naked Gun and Airplane! Passes Away…

Leslie Nielsen Frank Drebin Naked Gun signed Autograph poster Rare RIP

I just heard the news that Leslie Nielsen has passed away. It’s always hard to lose someone who, over the years has made you laugh, chuckle, and just simply smile. I know many people don’t realize this, well, people under the age of 40 that is, but Leslie Nielsen started out as a dramatic actor. Now admittedly, I don’t know this part of his work, but my grandmother just told me all about him from, as she put it, “back in the day.”

I of course remember him as Frank Drebin from The Naked Gun. I will never forget n 1988 going to see the first Naked Gun movie in the theatres with my friends Liz and Shaun back in Michigan. It was such a pleasant time, although looking back I’m sure we didn’t get half of the jokes. Still, with that and the rest of the Naked Gun films I became and still am a huge fan of Mr. Nielsen’s.
Leslie Nielsen Naked Gun hand signed autograph mini poster rare frank Drebin
I know it may not be the most eloquent statement, but I just wanted to share this with everyone. Tomorrow night, I’m watching my Naked Gun box set and Airplane! Perhaps… Hmmm I think this may call for a movie night. I think that’s the best way to celebrate someone’s life and career. Get a few pizzas, call a few friends, and get together. Just don’t call me Shirley! 
Leslie Nielsen Signed Autograph Movie Poster Frank Drebin Program Rare

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