Live casino games that are capturing the public imagination

Live casino is a great, if rare, example of an industry asking its customers what they want, listening to the answer and delivering. If only everything in life could be so easy. For the past decade or more, online casinos have been providing a viable alternative to land based casinos. As the technology improved, the choice of games expanded and became more nuanced. Add generous bonus offers and worthwhile VIP and loyalty schemes and you almost had it all. 


The one thing that was lacking was significant. It just wasn’t so much fun staring at a phone or computer screen. Now, no platform will ever be able to entirely bring the experience of a night at the casino to your smartphone. But live games certainly add a level of interaction and engagement that represents a significant step in the right direction.  


How do live games work? 


Taking processes online typically reduces the necessity for human involvement. Live casino games go against that philosophy, using a human dealer in a studio to do what a computer simulation could as easily achieve.  


With live webcams and an instant chat function, it’s a more authentic casino experience. Also, some players feel heightened trust when they see real cards being dealt or a physical roulette wheel.  


Live games include both traditional casino favourites and some impressive new ideas, too. Let’s take a look at some of the top ranking ones.  




The magic of roulette is all in the wrapping. A virtual game operated by a random number generator is just dull. Bring on the mahogany roulette wheel and a gorgeous young lady or a handsome young man to operate it and chatter the night away with you and it’s a different matter.  


There are different variations of roulette, but there’s online assistance to find the best online roulette games in terms of RTP, table limits, extra features and special promotions. 




One of the most popular games in the 1950s and 60s, baccarat was out of fashion by the 90s. It has enjoyed a major revival over the past decade, and live casino has a lot to do with it. Punto Banco is a simple game with a low house edge that’s ideal for modest bankrolls.  


Also check out some new live games like Dragon Tiger and Football Studio. These are themed games that are essentially based on single card baccarat. Like roulette, they represent very simple games that are entertainingly presented with a little theatre.   


Deal or No Deal  


This daytime TV gameshow garnered an almost cult-like following in the early 2000s. Noel Edmonds is safely tucked away in New Zealand in semi retirement these days, but the game has been reimagined for the live casino format and is wildly popular. 


The format is a little different to the TV show, with a “wheel of fortune” style qualifying round to get you into the main game, but once there, the overall principle of numbered boxes and banker offers is the same.  



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