Magic Johnson Madness! Billy Flags Down the NBA Superstar With A Giant Sign And His Basketball! Autographs! Selfies! Photos! And More!

Billy Beer believes in magic, oh you know he does!

There’s one thing Billy loves and it’s his Michigan roots. I have my Michigan roots as well, but I have a dash of maple leaf in there as well. LOL… And something you may not have guessed about Billy is that he was a former athlete! Every time Billy whips out a sports reference I kind look at him blankly and say something like, “Kylie Minogue’s last album was awesome.”

But, when Magic Jackson was on a talk show a few months ago Billy asked Karalee and I to get some stuff signed for him. Magic didn’t come over and I’ve had Billy’s stuff in my car for months! Well, he finally rescued it and headed out to meet Magic Johnson!

Let’s cross our fingers that Billy will still believe in Magic once this is over!



Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. On the banks of the red cedar, 
is a school that’s known to all… Michigan State and It’s specialty is winning! Those 
Spartans play good ball! And a reason they played good ball back in 
the late 70’s was a certain superstar. Dare I say a “Magical” 
superstar, Mr. Earvin Johnson.

Now since his days at Michigan State, Magic has made a name for 
himself here in LA, winning multiple Championships with the Lakers, 
opening many businesses in the area, and most recently owning the LA 
Dodgers. The guy is a legend where ever he goes. I could go on and on 
about the guy. One of the top basketball players of all time, the 
awareness he brought to AIDS, the businessman, and the all around 
great guy he is to his fans. Did I mention I went to his basketball 
camp when I was a kid. Anyway, let the adventures begin.

Magic is on a talk show today, and I’m hoping to get him on the way in 
cause I have to be somewhere later in the day. I have two items I’ve 
been hoping to get signed for a while now. The first is a actually 
piece of the Breslin Center floor (that is where MSU plays basketball 
for those of you……Mike (cough)…who don’t know anything about 
sports except “playing a football player” in a movie). 

(Editor’s Note: Ummm I played hockey for several years, as well as baseball, soccer and more! Harrumph to you Billy Beer! Harrumph! M-)

The other item  is a mini MSU basketball already signed by Tom Izzo (MSU’s basketball 

Surprisingly I’m the only one there. I’m a little early, but you can 
never be too sure. I waiting for Fangirl Karalee to get here too. 
She’s an MSU grad. But she’s going to have to wait till he leaves 
cause here comes an SUV. I hold out my “Magic can you please sign for 
the Izzone” sign. He pulls over and rolls his window down. I go running to 
the car and bring my floor board forgetting my mini ball behind me. He 
tells me I can put my sign down, and grabs my floor board. I ask him 
if I can run and grab my basketball I left behind. He smiles and says 
“now you’re pushing your luck”. I tell him I went to his basketball 
camp as a kid at Lansing Eastern, with Dr. Tucker. As soon as I said 
that, he knew I was a true Michigander, and let out an “Alright Right” 
again with that big Magic smile. I go get it, and he signs it too.

Magic Johnson signed autograph Michigan state university basketball and floorboard rare

I don’t want to push my luck, but I ask for a picture, and then try a 

Magic Johnson signing autographs for fans rare basketball legend rare hot

  It came out alright, but he then tells his driver to take one for 
me. What a guy!

Magic Johnson signing autographs for fans rare basketball legend rare hot

Well that just made my day. I was happy to find out Magic stopped on 
the way out too, and Karalee got her MSU swag signed too. Well now off 
to the Rod Stewart concert with Travo. Till next time people.

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