Manic Monday! Special Guest Keith Coogan Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of Adventures In Babysitting By Meeting Thor! AKA Vincent D’Onofrio!

For today’s Manic Monday, I couldn’t be more excited!

Pinky, who I’ve been friend’s with for more years than I can even remember is married to Keith Coogan. Now, Keith is the star of Don’t Tell Mom, The Babysitter’s Dead, Cheetah, Book of Love and my personal favorite Adventures In Babysitting. Keith and Pinky, on the same day that AIB celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary ran into Thor himself Vincent D’Onofrio!

I’ve gotten to know Keith over the past few years and besides being a great guy is a lot of fun to be around. He and Pinky are adorbs and I’m so excited that Keith is doing a guest Manic Monday for us today! 

Check it out below!


Hello, Pinky’s lovelies!!

This is Keith Coogan, Pinky’s husband, and I’ll be writing up a guest post on our hunt for a photo with Vincent D’Onofrio, otherwise known as Thor, the mighty god of thunder.

After Pinky helped me record a fab greeting celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Adventures in Babysitting”,

we headed on down to Hollywood, to try and see if we could get a photo with Vincent.  He and Matthew Modine were going to be appearing at the Egyptian Theatre for a screening and Q&A of “Full Metal Jacket”, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now, I’ve joined Pinky on many hunts, and It isn’t normally my cup o’ tea, but this was one I was quite looking forward to.  I had visions of getting the perfect shot with Vincent holding me by the scruff of my t-shirt for a re-enactment of our scene together in AIB.  Hopefully to be captioned with his line, “You spreadin’ rumors about me, kid?”, while I looked up at him with terror in my eyes.  Turns out, Thor would not be the one I had to be terrified of!

After parking several blocks away, we made our way to the entrance to the parking area where the special guests were thought to be arriving.  There were just a handful of autograph collectors there, and we said our hellos and started up with some chit-chat, and went over our favorite D’Onofrio performances.  Quickly, this little crowd turned into a large one, with over 30 collectors crammed near the gate leading into the parking area. 

As Vincent and Matthew’s arrival time approached, things started to get hairy.  There was a rumor that they would be bringing the stars in from the front of the theater, and after seeing their “handlers” clear out of the area where we were waiting, we watched as the entire throng started jamming up towards Hollywood Blvd and the front entrance for the theater.  Pinky said she wanted to hang back.  I trust my wife’s instincts, so we hung back, all by ourselves, but started to get nervous that we might miss them arriving so we started to slowly shuffle up to join the group at the front entrance.  I noticed one of the handlers checking to see where the crowd was, and I had the idea that they would be bringing them in whichever way had less people.  We had barely made it twenty feet, when we saw the crowd headed back our way.  We tried to play it off like we never moved from our spot, just to look cool.  It didn’t really matter, because within 5 minutes, a big, black, SUV pulled up to the gate, and was let inside by security.  The crowd started yelling out Vincent’s name as he exited the vehicle.  And to my surprise, he headed straight for the crowd, ready to say “hi” to the fans, and was more than willing to sign the various posters and photos that were thrust over the gate.  Pinky and I started to get crushed up against the gate, but Vincent was slowly making his way in our direction, so we battened down the hatches, held our ground, and waited our turn.

Matthew Modine came over and started working the line from the other end… but since we had just taken a photo with Matthew a few months ago, I could care less… I was focused on getting my shot with Thor.

I had the idea that the collectors would give us a bit of room, maybe even a moment or two to say hi to Vincent, out of respect for my having worked with him, but respect is not something you typically see when the star actually arrives. 

The Purge is more like what happened. 

Screams of “Vincent” rang in my ears, the crowd pressed us further into the security gate, resulting in a nice bruise on Pinky’s arm that rose to the surface by the next day. 

Vincent D'Onofrio

Graphers were thrusting their photos right in front of my face and I had to politely tell them to back off, I had been waiting patiently and felt entitled to have a little moment with Vincent because of our one scene together in a movie that came out 30 years ago.  Unbelievably, a few backed off, and gave us the tiniest bit of room, but it didn’t matter… Vincent was now only a few feet away as I started to cry out… “Vincent! I was in Adventures in Babysitting with you… can we get a quick picture?”

Vincent looked up and into my eyes, the crowd noises subsided, I experienced total tunnel vision as now it was just me and Vincent as he looked me in the eye, gave a small smile, and said, “Hey, how are you doing?” he reached out and gave me a small handshake as Pinky started to take photos.  In regards to taking a photo across a security fence in this madness, Vincent said, “How do we do this?”  I saw Pinky was already snapping away with her remote tether, so I angled the shot the best I could and grabbed a handful of photos.

Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173 Vincent D'Onofrio Meeting Fans Now 20173

It was suddenly over.  We were already halfway back to the car as I came out of a semi-blacked out state.  I couldn’t believe we got the shot!  I now finally felt like I understood the thrill of getting a photo with a star in tough circumstances, and felt like we had just won a small war.  I must have gone over the whole thing three times by the time we got back to the car, and it took well over an hour for the adrenaline to wear off.

So, a big thank you to Vincent for being “so cool”.  You’ll always be my Thor.

For more pink fodder, head over to Pinky’s blog.  I’ll also leave these links to my website and social profiles here, so you may catch up on the latest adventures from The Coogans.

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