Manic Mondays! Pinky Meets Dharma And Greg Star Jenna Elfman! It Looks Like Pinky Has a New Bestie! 1990’s Awesomeness!

Sadness… I hate hearing anyone is in a funk, let alone our resident perkster Ms. Pinky! I knew she was down but I didn’t know it was a full down and out funk… I think I need to call and serenade Ms. Pinky with a lovely rendition of Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite! Can you guys guess what Mike has been listening to lately?

Anyway, even though she’s funkster Pinky, the dazzling Ms. Lovejoy did manage to get out there to meet one of her favorites! Ms. Jenna Elfman! Pinky has been dying to meet her for a long long time, and finally got her wish! Can we get a big oh… yeah… for that one!

Hopefully, that helps Pinky get out of her funk a little!! 🙂

Check out Pinkster’s Manic Monday report after the jump and send Pinky some love in the comments!!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here in a bit of a funk lately. Nothing too serious, just haven’t felt very inspired to go out to any events or do much of anything. Because of this, I think I’m even more excited about my recent celebrity encounter with the adorable and wonderful Jenna Elfman. If I sound like I’m gushing, it’s true, I am. I LOVE Jenna Elfman and have since I first saw her in the hilarious sitcom “Dharma & Greg.”

dharma and greg press promo still rare hot sexy cast photo promo jenna elfman susan sullivan hot rare wallpaper

She’s just so likable onscreen and that transfers over to thinking she’d be that way in real life. Despite my desire to meet her, for whatever reason I seemed to miss her over and over since I moved here. Time after time I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, I had to believe that someday our paths would cross. After I missed her at an event on Monday that I just couldn’t “rally” for, I told Lindsay our standard motto, “It’s OK, she’ll be around.” No sooner had I said that when I received an email from Lindsay saying, “You’re right – she will be around! In fact, she’s doing a Q&A on Thursday!” Wahoo!

 keeping the faith movie poster press promo still jenna elfman edward norton ben stiller dharma and greg press promo still rare hot sexy cast photo promo jenna elfman susan sullivan hot rare wallpaper

Now, as much as I loved “Dharma & Greg,” as well as her film with Ben Stiller called “Keeping the Faith,” my favorite thing Jenna’s been in was a hysterical short-lived sitcom a few years ago called, “Accidentally on Purpose.” I’m so sad this went off the air because it was delightful. The cast was great, Jenna was enchanting, and the stories were fresh. I wish it never got cancelled. I still miss it.

jenna elfman accidentally on purpose rare press promo still movie poster promo short lived sitcom hot rare dance
The day of the Q&A arrived and I was on the fence about going (due to my aforementioned funk). Finally, after Lindsay reminded me how much I’ve been dying to meet Jenna for years, I decided to go. I sent Jenna a tweet and told her I’d be coming from work and would be late, but maybe we could get a picture. Then, I hoped for the best. I arrived shortly before she was scheduled to arrive and hoped upon hope that she’d stop on her way into the event. Sure enough, when she arrived, she was kind enough to stop for the autograph hounds. As she was finishing signing, I said, “Jenna, can I please get a picture with you?” She looked up at me and said, “Pinky!” I was stunned. I said, “You know my name?” She said, “You sent me a tweet! I told my assistant to be on the lookout for Pinky who wanted a picture.” How freaking cool was that?!!? I couldn’t believe it! We took a few pictures and I was just squealing (internally and, possibly, a bit externally, as well).

Jenna Elfman fan photo with mike the fanboy's pinky signed autograph rare promo  dharma and greg star can't hurry love rare

Afterwards I sent her a tweet with our picture to thank her and she retweeted it. I also sent one saying how stoked I was to meet her and she tweeted me back. So cool! Jenna Elfman is the real deal. It’s not often so many people are as great as you’d hope they’d be, but Jenna didn’t disappoint. For a long time I’d heard how nice she was and I’m happy to find out that it was true. Thanks, Jenna! You made my day!
Jenna Elfman's twitter account tweet to the awesome ms. pinky lovejoy dharma and greg star can't hardly wait rare promo

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