Manic Mondays! Pinky Meets General Hospital And Melrose Place Star Jack Wagner! Frisco In The Flesh!

It’s six o’clock already and I was just in the middle of a dream… That’s right kids, to shake off your Monday morning blues it’s Manic Mondays! This Monday the saucy Ms. Pinky is sharing her love of Mr. Jack Wagner AKA Frisco from General Hospital.

Now, I’m not a soap fan myself so those references are lost on me, but I did watch Melrose Place back in the day. God bless Aaron Spelling… Some sudsy delight there, let me tell you.

Anyway, Pinky had the opportunity to meet Jack Wagner last week and as such he is the subject of todays Manic Monday!

Take it away Ms. Pinky!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here still shocked, frankly, to have finally met Jack Wagner. Jack Wagner! I never thought that would happen! Frisco from General Hospital. Dr. Peter Burns from Melrose Place. Of course that’s the part I most remember him for. I LOVED Melrose Place.
jack wagner promo photo shoot rare 1980s hot sexy star singer all i need rare press still press photo

My first memory of Jack Wagner was his smash single (no comments out of you, Mikey), “All I Need” in 1984.

(Editor’s Note: How could I comment on the smash single “All I Need?” I mean I think that speaks for itself! M-)

jack wagner all i need rare single cover art photo hot sexy actor turned singer promo photo shoot 7" single hot

I was eleven years old and I distinctly remember babysitting one night and singing the song loudly and extremely emotionally as I washed up some dishes. Why I thought my love life was so tortured at that age I’ll never know, but apparently I could really relate to Jack Wagner’s poetic song.
jack wagner rare promo hot sexy photo shoot dance rare jack wagner all i need rare single cover art photo hot sexy actor turned singer promo photo shoot 7" single hot

Since then, I’ve watched his on-again-off-again romance with Amanda Woodward, I mean Heather Locklear, with baited breath, as I kind of always hoped those crazy kids would make it after all.

jack wagner and heather locklear press promo photo shoot melrose place 1990 hot sexy advertising firm rare promo

I’d hoped to meet Jack when he was on Dancing with the Stars, but I heard he wasn’t super friendly. Hence my excitement at finally meeting him at the celebrity golf tournament a few weeks back. Not only did he happily come over and pose with me and Lindsay, but for the rest of the day whenever he saw us, he’d say, “Hi, girls.” So sweet!
mike the fanboy hottie pink with a jack wagner fan photo hot sexy rare promo jack wagner now jack wagner 2012 hot rare signing autographs for fans

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