Manic Mondays! Pinky Meets The Cast Of 16 Candles Including Gedde Watanabe! John Cusack! Anthony Michael Hall! Paul Dooley! John Hughes Madness!

It’s six o’clock already and I’m just in the middle of a dream… Oh yes, another installment of Manic Mondays! This week the exuberant Ms. Pinky takes us on a journey… A journey into the world of John Hughes… A journey more specifically into the world of the John Hughes classic 16 Candles! I admit it’s one of my favorites. Classic! I quote it all the time!

In fact I even noticed the glitch in the movie. If you watch closely as the family piles into the car, when they find The Donger laying on the grass, watch Billie Bird who plays grandma Dorothy. She doesn’t actually get in the car, she ducks down. When I surmised is that the couldn’t get everyone in the car fast enough because they took the side door off as well. Yes, this is what I did during my teen years, and yes it is sad.

Anyway, Pinky was able to meet a few members of the cast including Gedde Watanabe! Yep, Long Duk Dong himself!

Check out her recap after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here thrilled to share with you the biggest news in my pink little world of late: I just met Long Duk Dong! That’s right, THE Long Duk Dong, beloved character from the classic film Sixteen Candles. To be fair, his name isn’t actually Long Duk Dong, it’s Gedde Watanabe. Or, if you’re Pinky and you see Gedde Watanabe, you called him, “Wantanabe.” Ugh. Shudder. What is wrong with my mouth?

sixteen-candles shirt no more yankie my wankie hot long duk dong 16 candles logo shirt hot

Let’s back up. In the collector world, we have a saying…well, actually, I’m not sure how many people say it, but my friends and I do. That saying? “They’ll be around.” This is used when you miss someone, or you don’t get someone at an event, or you totally fail to do your research and select the wrong event entirely. Generally speaking, the truth of the matter is “they’ll be around.” Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but hopefully in the future another opportunity will present itself to you and you’ll be able to meet the person you were trying to meet. I’ve had many occasions where I barely missed someone and kicked myself for it, only to see them again in a better situation another time. Basically, we say it so that we stop obsessing over missing something that really doesn’t matter in the long run – after all, it’s a fun hobby and we love doing it, but getting a picture or an autograph won’t change our world in any significant way.

(Editor’s Note: I’m sorry I don’t understand… Won’t change your world… Who are you? What is this craziness! I’m… I’m… Perplexed… My whole reason for living is gone… What a world… What a world! M-)

But, back to my story (see, you didn’t even know I was telling a story, did you?). Several months ago I dropped the ball. There was an event featuring Gedde Watanabe and I totally missed his name on the list. Well, I saw it, I just didn’t put two and two together that it was actually Long Duk Dong, because had I known that, I would’ve been camped out at that location All. Day. Long. until I met him. Instead, I made a series of poor decisions that day which would qualify as fangirl fails and when I finally made it to the event with Gedde, I missed him leaving by five minutes. GAH! To say I was devastated is an understatement.

Sixteen candles rare promo press still long duk dong Gedde Watanabe molly ringwald jake ryan rare promo

I kept kicking myself over and over because I’m usually much better with lists – I do my research, I look up names, I check the names against to see who they are. Had I done my typical research, I never would have missed Gedde. But, I did. And I didn’t see how I’d ever meet him again. Even my “they’ll be around” motto wasn’t working to cheer me up.

16 candles rare promo one sheet movie poster dvd cover art hot rare molly ringwald anthony michael hall michael schoefling

Flash forward a few months and I was hanging out downtown with the lovely Liz waiting for an event to start. Lo and behold, I see Gedde walk by in a brisk manner. I jump up and say, “Wantanabe” because, apparently, I thought that’s what his name was. He didn’t respond. I look back at Liz and she urges me to run up next to him and try again. So, I do. I walk up next to him and say, “Wantanabe?” He looked (thankfully not bringing up the fact that I called him by his last name in addition to saying it incorrectly) over at me, smiled, and agreed to take a picture. So nice!

Gedde Watanabe AKA long duk dong from 16 candles sixteen candles taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy

Initially I thought his tongue was sticking out, so I asked for another picture (because I couldn’t risk the picture being bad). He was very cool about posing for both pictures (now why couldn’t his Sixteen Candles castmate be as nice?? Yes, I’m looking at you, Molly Ringwald).

Gedde Watanabe AKA long duk dong from 16 candles sixteen candles taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy

Now I have two! Of course, I ended up loving the first one (as it always seems to happen when I ask for two), but he was lovely. The funniest part was that we saw him again a little later and my friend said, “Automobile?” and Gedde responded with, “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before!” Nice to see he’s got a sense of humor about it!

Long Duck Dong what's happening hot stuff rare meme 16 candles sixteen candles rare promo press still hot

Sixteen Candles, along with the rest of the John Hughes films, were so important to me growing up. These actors who played the characters I treasure are like heroes to me. I know, mock me if you will, but it’s true. So far, I’ve only had the chance to meet a few from Sixteen Candles

Paul Dooley

paul dooley taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy 16 candles dad sixteen candles hot rare promo

John Cusack

john cusack taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy signed autograph serendipity 1804 say anything...

and Anthony Michael Hall

anthony michael hall posing for a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy hot sexy vacation 16 candles johnny be good star hot rare promo

but with the addition of Gedde, my collection is growing. Now, if only Michael Schoeffling will come out of hiding and make my entire life by taking a picture with me. JAKE RYAN, people! Enough said.

Before I go, I wanted to give a shout out to the cool guys who’ve introduced themselves to me in the past few weeks. Christian – it was great to meet you at the Hollywood Show and Cody – it was awesome to meet you at the Duran Duran show (and my apologies if I got your names wrong, but I really did appreciate you both saying hi. Thanks for reading the site!). For additional pink fodder, please visit or follow me on Twitter @pinkylovejoy. As always, have a pink day!

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