Manic Mondays! Pinky Yells WHEATON! After Running Into None Other Than Wil Wheaton Himself! Stand By Me Awesomeness! With Corey Feldman! Jerry O’Connell!


I love me some Big Bang Theory. Love it! But when I was a small Fanboy I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation all the time. Of course that starred Mr. Wil Wheaton! I even have a Big Bang Theory shirt that says, “Wesley Crushers!” LOL…

wesley crushers t-shirt rare promo logo big-bang-theory-paleyfest-2013-signing-autographs-kaley-cuoco-003

Of course Wil also starred in one of the best movies of all time Stand By Me as well as Toy Soldiers and other 1980s classics.

Pinky ran into him, thanks to the power of social media.

Check out her full report after the jump for this weeks Manic Monday!



Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here thinking about social media and how easily we all seem to be interconnected these days. Of course, this also allows us more access to our favorite stars and Twitter is one of the fun places you can feel connected to people you may not have ever met before, yet seeing so many of their thoughts and posts make you feel like you do.

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Wil Wheaton who is quite entertaining and happens to Tweet a lot. Whenever I see his little icon, I know there’s going to be something interesting being said.

wil wheaton twitter logo graphic rare promo caricature

Apparently, I also now think we’re friends, as evidenced by the fact that when I saw Wil out at a brewery the other night, I called out, “Wil!” as though I was seeing an old classmate from school. He looked at me like I was crazy (which, let’s face it, I probably am). Luckily, I was able to explain myself, but his initial reaction was pretty funny. Wil was very understanding of people feeling like they know him from Twitter and said it had actually happened to him the day before with some guy he’d met (which made me feel a little bit better). He took a picture with me and chatted for a bit, which was really cool.

wil wheaton fan photo signing autographs with fans rare promo hot toy soldiers sand by me big bang theory

I remember the first time I saw Wil Wheaton on screen in the endearing and iconic film “Stand By Me.”

stand-by-me-poster one sheet movie poster rare dvd cover rare wil wheaton jerry o'connell river phoenix

As one of the four boys on a search for a missing body, Wil was perfectly cast and I loved everything about the movie.

Stand_By_Me press photo rare cast photo rare promo stand-by-me-poster one sheet movie poster rare dvd cover rare wil wheaton jerry o'connell river phoenix

Since then, I’ve been able to meet two of the other boys from the film –

Jerry O’Connell

jerry o'connell fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy stand by me star

and Corey Feldman.

corey feldman fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy stand by me star

I’ll never forget the pie eating contest in the movie or how well it portrayed the story of four friends on their big adventure.

Of course, we can’t forget that Wil also starred with my big crush, Keith Coogan, in “Toy Soldiers.”

Toy_Soldiers movie poster one sheet hot sexy keith coogan wil wheaton sean astin rare promo

While I’ve yet to see it,

(Editor’s Note: Wait… You haven’t seen Toy Soldiers OR Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead?!?!? I’m taking away some Pink Points From you young lady! M-)

TOY SOLDIERS, l-r: T.E. Russell, George Perez, Wil Wheaton, Sean Astin, Keith Coogan (front), 1991. ©TriStar Pictures

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention Keith Coogan (obviously I’ve got a serious problem). As I seem to be catching up on older movies lately (yes, I finally watched “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”),

(Editor’s Note: Harrumph… FINALLY! M-)

I should definitely put this on my “must see” list, as well.

Wil Wheaton has also guest starred as himself on “The Big Bang Theory” as Sheldon’s nemesis, which was no doubt hysterical. I love that Wil can have a sense of humor about himself. It’s a great quality to have.
Wil Wheaton sheldon cooper gif image graphic rare promo big bang theory rare

As anyone who follows @wilw on Twitter knows, Wil recently brewed some beer for a Home Brew contest, which is where I happened to see him. He was dropping off his bottles for the contest. Best of luck to Wil – I hope it all goes well.
For additional pink fodder, please visit or follow me on Twitter @pinkylovejoy. As always, have a pink day!

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