Autograph History! None Other Than Ms. Marilyn Monroe! And Looking At The History And Hobby Of Autographs!

One thing I was thinking about when starting the column, Autograph History, was what an amazing hobby we all have… and whether you read MTF to read how celebrities really are to fans, are a collector etc… I just think it’s good to remember that this hobby has a long and storied tradition.

I ran across this vintage photo of Marilyn Monroe signing autographs for fans at a premiere, and immediately my mind just went leapfrogging around. People have been collecting autographs for decades, sure they didn’t have sharpies, or 12×18 photos or posters perhaps, but it was a symbol. A little piece of a brief encounter that you can take away and treasure.

marilyn monroe signing autographs for fans vintage hot

Collecting is a little different now a days, and I have an office full of amazing memorabilia, I like to think is organized, but if I put myself in the place of those fans that back in the day got small pieces of paper and autograph books signed, it warms my heart a little.

It’s an amazing hobby, a hobby that I always forget carries a history all it’s own. So next time someone signs in the wrong place, you get smacked in the head by an 8×12 board, or something gets a ding on it, just remember people have been going through this for decades just to experience a little bit of what we all have.

Until next time kids…

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