Is Marvel Bringing Their Films Back To Comic Con Next Year? This Facebook Chat With James Gunn Indicates They Might!

It looks like Marvel is bringing some of it’s films to SDCC this year after all. Last year, when Marvel announced that they wouldn’t be heading down to the biggest convention on the planet (at least for their film properties) fanboys screamed and wailed.

guardians of the galaxy 2

Well, that could all change this year with Dr. Strange and Guardians 2 coming. James Gunn was answering fan questions on Twitter and said:

“Am I going to San Diego Comic-Con? That’s a good question. Do you guys want me to go to San Diego Comic-Con? We’ll have to see. I would like to go, that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? I would like to come and see you all at San Diego Comic-Con and bring some friends along. That would be awful fun. That would be awful fun, I would really love to do that.”
you can check out the video below!

It’s interesting that while not a confirmation or anything official it seems like it’s a tentative confirmation. Even with D23 happening right before SDCC? I dunno. I guess we’ll see!

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