Matthew McConaughey and Jena Malone from Sucker Punch thrill fans including Scotty and Erica!

Matthew McConaughey sexy hot rare workout signed autograph contact dazed and confused abs

Wow, this is an amazing night! Erica and Scotty went out and about and got the chance to see Sucker Punch star Ms. Jena Malone and Lincoln Lawyer star Matthew McConaughey! Sigh… thankfully, Erica might have been bribed to take my Sucker Punch poster… and Scotty might have been bribed as well. But still… lol… They had an amazing day.

Check out their full story after the jump!

The pens are still vibrating as we speak!

It’s Scotty and Erica reporting straight from an amazing encounter with the upcoming stars of The Lincoln Lawyer and Sucker Punch. Today we sought out Jena Malone of Pride and Prejudice, Contact and Saved! and the gorgeous (per Erica) Matthew McConaughey of U-571, Dazed and Confused, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and, coincidently, Contact.

Yes, we both love Contact and Scotty can’t get over the amazing opening of this great film. (No matter what Mike thinks of this movie…) (Mike’s Note… I didn’t hate it, but I thought it could have been better. Harumph!)

Scotty arrives just before 4 PM and is greeted by another Mike the Fanboy contributor, CB. Thankfully CB has saved us places in line, even if he does demand payment in the form of bottled water.

Erica arrives and the line of folks waiting is now around 50 people. Yikes! It’s going to be a busy day. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that they will sign and that they will sign on the way into their appearance.

We see movement and a limo arrives and drops off its precious contents right by the building. Never a good sign!

Jena Malone gets out and we all start yelling. She consults with some of her people and then begins to walk toward us. Yeah!

Jena Malone contact sucker punch rocket autograph photo promo poster sexy rare saved pride and prejudice

We race to prep our stuff and Scotty pulls out his Contact one sheet that he’s been saving forever. Erica pulls out a slightly more portable Contact laserdisc and we both have posters that Mike has requested (translation: begged) us to try to get signed for him.

Jena Malone sucker punch promo rare signed autograph poster saved! mary lousie parker contact pride and prejudice dvd promo rare awesome rocket

Jena Malone starts to sign and says she’ll do pictures in a bit.

Jena Malone star of sucker punch stops to sign autographs for fans at a talk show taping saved promo poster rare

Jena Malone is really friendly and signs two per person (although CB sneaks in 3). We mention how we loved her in Pride and Prejudice and Jena Malone smiles and says she really liked that film. She was also delighted to see we have Contact for her as most people are getting Sucker Punch signed.

sucker punch rare signed autograph promo mini poster rare jena malone signed autograph rare rocket hot sexy zach snyder owls 300

Jena Malone goes down and signs for everyone which is now around 60 people. She does a few photos, but we think the line was longer than she thought and she needed to head in. So Jena Malone literally sprints in heels since she is now running a little late. However, Jena Malone really did get to everyone which is fantastic!

jena malone signed autograph contact one sheet poster sucker punch awesome rocket sexy hot rare

We settle in to wait and hope that Matthew McConaughey does likewise as it really is getting late.

Not too much later, Matthew McConaughey arrives and we start to yell for him. He takes a moment to talk to his people and then he begins to head over towards us. No way! He’s coming!

Matthew McConaughey autograph signed promo sexy hot rare white shirt dazed and confused lincoln lawyer contact how to lose a guy in 10 days sexy beach abs

We scramble to grab our Contact stuff once again and have it ready. Scotty partially unrolls his one sheet to the spot right by his image in the poster. As Matthew McConaughey gets to Scotty, he begins to sign the large white spot which happens to be the back of the poster.

Matthew McConaughey lincoln lawyer hand signed promo rare hot sexy beach abs workout autograph contact poster dazed and confused

In a slight panic, Scotty goes “No, right here, buddy” and points towards the front of the poster. Unfazed, Matthew McConaughey signs and personalizes the poster to Scott.

Matthew McConaughey signed autograph contact one sheet movie poster rare hand signed sexy hot

He also personalizes Erica’s laserdisc and all are inscribed with “JK livin'” followed by his distinctive John Hancock.

Matthew McConaughey stops to sign autographs for fans dazed and confused mike the fanboy poster promo contact sexy hot beach how to lose a guy in 10 days poster contact ed tv

He’s really relaxed and goes down the whole line of now 75 people.

Matthew McConaughey signed autograph rare fans hot sexy rare promo one sheet movie poster sexy abs white shirt beach glases tan rare icon dazed and confused lincoln lawyer

When he’s finished, Matthew McConaughey heads back in with a short salute to the crowd.

Matthew McConaughey lincoln lawyer ghost rare signed autograph sexy hot rare promo beach workout abs white shirt skin dazed and confused how to lose a guy in 10 days sucker punch rare

Yeah! We got them both and didn’t have to suffer for hours in the dark for once! Even though they both did the full line, it really only took about 5 to 7 minutes each. See,it really doesn’t take that much to make us happy!

Matthew McConaughey contact signed autograph promo one sheet movie poster jodie foster dazed and confused sexy hot rare promo scott

Go see The Lincoln Lawyer this weekend and Sucker Punch on March 25th!

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