Super Short Sunday! Scotty Meets The Supreme Leader! Angelica Huston! Autographs And More!

It’s Super Short Sunday Time!

Scotty headed out to meet the incredible and iconic Angelica Huston. Personally, I have always loved her, and have loved The Addams Family and thought she was great in The Witches.

There’s always been something about Angelica Huston, she has a mystique and a presence that few have. Scotty had a wonderful encounter with Angelica Huston.

Check it out below!
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Super Short Sunday – Supreme Leader Edition
October 26, 2014
By: Scott

I know I have written about meeting this celebrity before, but I always said if I had a chance to meet her again, I would want her on a specific image. I am speaking of Academy Award winner Angelica Huston. I recently had the chance to meet her again, and had her sign a photo of the Supreme Leader from Captain EO. As you may recall, I am a huge Disney fanatic, and I really wanted to add this to my collection. Angelica was incredibly kind as always. Not only did she sign my image, but she also took a photo with me. Thank you Angelica for being so good to your fans!!!

Anjelica Huston signing autographs fan photo rare addams family 1

Anjelica Huston signing autographs fan photo rare addams family 1

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