Meeting Annette Bening! Fighting Off Rats! And Talking Star Wars! A Typical Fanboy Night! Autographs! And More Madness!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Last night Big Mike and I headed off to meet none other than Ms. Annette Bening. Now, I love Annette Bening, Mars Attacks was one of my favorite films and I also loved The Kids Are All right, etc…

I have this Kids Are All right mini poster I’ve been working on and it’s been forever. I have three out of the four main cast and I have a Movieline magazine from 1994 for Annette Bening as well.

Big Mike met me over at the theater where Annette Bening was having her play. It was calm, frat boys jogging, sorority girls doing lines of coke, you know… the usual.

Annette Benning signing autographs geffen westwood the kids are alright      1

After a healthy and nutritious meal at the Chick-fil-a (stop laughing) I headed to the front and waited with Big Mike. Catching up after seeing each other last night was a treat. So much to talk about. Mainly about how much we love Vikings and how Big Mike is obsessed with Star Wars action figures.


After seeing some rats run across the top of the theatre we took a few steps back and continued to wait a bit. “Rats… I hate rats.” Yep, it’s not often I can literally quote an Indiana Jones line and have it make actual sense.

The play is letting out, the white hairs are making their way down the steps. Calista Flockhart (sans Han Solo) and Anne Archer bustle out. Wait… Jack Ryan’s movie wife and real life wife were in the same theater? Damn it!

And then we waited…

Two police officers pulled up and I thought they were going to arrest Mike for talking about having 75 signed Star Wars toys, but instead they were going to Chick-fil-a. They came back with two shakes each and three giant bags of food. Interesting they parked in a red zone. Sorry had to be said.

And we continue to wait…

I may have said the term, “Counter standee” 15 or so times and Big Mike might have said, “Han shot first” another six but we were having fun.

A few more people trickled out and still we wait.

The rats looked hungry… I made the sign of the cross with my pinky fingers and they recoiled back into the foliage.

Finally Annette Bening emerged.. She was alone and Big Mike and I are… Well… Big. lol.

We politely asked if she would mind signing and after sizing us up for a second, Ms. Annette Bening came over to sign. I think when she saw a mini poster, magazine and DVD covers she realized, “Oh hey, they’re just dorks.”

Annette Benning signing autographs geffen westwood the kids are alright      4

We thanked her probably three times, and she said “Thank you, it’s my pleasure.” Mike mentioned what a huge fan he was, and Annette Bening said, “Oh, that’s so nice!”

Annette Bening signed autograph movieline magazine signing autographs geffen westwood the kids are alright      6

It was simple, it was nice and after thanking her again, with a huge smile on her face, she said, “It’s my pleasure, have a great night!”

So sweet, Hollywood royalty!

And then Big Mike and I walked down the street… The opposite way from our cars actually, but since Annette Bening was walking that way we didn’t want to see like creepers so instinctually we went the opposite way.

So nice! And Annette Bening was a sweetheart!

Until next time kids…

Annette Bening signed autograph the kids are all right mini poster signing autographs geffen westwood the kids are alright      3

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