Justin Recaps His NY Fanboying! Meeting Chris Pine On Set! A Glaring Simon Pegg! Nick Frost! Edgar Wright! And Monster Mania With Super High Prices! Doh! Autographs! And More!

MTF reader Justin just sent in this awesome recap of some events in New York. It’s so odd, you just never know what to expect when you’re out and about you know?

He was able to meet Chris Pine, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, a glaring Simon Pegg and then headed to Monster Mania where the prices were way too high and while it doesn’t shock me, it does make me shake my head!

Check out his full recap below!


I read online that Jack Ryan starring Chris Pine would be shooting on Friday and Saturday at the South Street Seaport in New York City. There was a lot of confusion online as to whether Chris or any of the Film’s other stars would be there or if they were doing second unit shots. I decided to go down there and check it out since Chris is one of my favorite actors and he is very hard to get near at press appearances and premieres in New York because the dealers hound him. Most dealers in my experience do not wait on movie sets in my experience because of the time commitment that is often involved and many times stars just don’t sign on set.

I got to the set and saw a massive trailer with a security man in front of it along with three fans so I stood there. Conversation with the fans informed me that it was Chris’ trailer and that he was the only star onset. they also told me he had yet to stop for them on his comings and goings from the trailer. I soon experienced this for myself as Chris walked by us several times each time apologizing for being unable to stop. Two hours later filming had ended for the day and Chris emerged from the makeup trailer and promised us he would finally stop after he got changed. About ten minutes later he came out of his giant size trailer,put his gym bag in his SUV and came over to us and signed one autograph per person without taking pics. He was cordial and even said goodbye to us when he was done. The signatures were worth the long wait as he gave us full letter ones rather than the CP scrawl he has given at most events lately.

Star Trek Chris Christopher Pine Sexy shirtless captain Kirk

Leonard Nimoy star trek mini poster chris pine

The following day I headed out to a Q and A with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Simon draws massive crowds in New York. I went to a book signing of his at the Strand two years ago and despite arriving almost two hours early was turned away because the store was totally full and sold out of books. I decided to catch them going into the Q and A as after it was probably going to be insane as most attendees would probably wait to meet Simon outside. Nick Frost arrived first and playfully lifted someone out of his SUV. that someone turned out to be Michael Cera. Nick then came over and signed for the five of us waiting. He was very, very nice and friendly.

Nick Frost signing autographs at the the world's end movie premiere simon pegg signing autographs 025

Next to arrive was Edgar Wright and he also came right over. However, for some reason he signed everything E. Wright. No one asked Michael Cera for an autograph which I found odd. Another fan had three large posters of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and World’s End which he appeared to have made himself Edgar and Nick stopped to sign them and were chatting with him about them which I thought was very nice of them.

edgar wright signing autographs at the the world's end movie premiere simon pegg signing autographs 025

A third SUV pulls up while Nick and Edgar are signing and chatting and Simon gets out of the side facing the traffic and hurries in the street towards the door. For a fan friendly guy I was shocked that he risked getting run over by a car to evade five people. Not wanting to come away empty handed I pursued him into the lobby and asked him if he could sign one thing quickly. He glared at me but took the Sharpie and signed. Even though it was not easy I am glad to finally have gotten Simon’s autograph.

simon pegg signed autograph photo rare promo scotty star trek into darkness rare

On Sunday I attended the Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I was shocked at how poorly operated it was. Danny Glover one of the main guests had already left when I arrived at one pm. I was very bummed as one of the reasons I went was to meet him. I figured that getting there at 1 was early enough since the event ended at 5 but apparently I was wrong. Most of the guests had little to no line. Bruce Davidson did not have a single person come to his table in the two hours I was at he festival which was a bit surprising. He was wandering around the room for much of it looking bored. I would liked to have gotten Bruce but could not have justified paying he $25 he was asking. The problem was that most guests were overcharging and many acted like they were doing the fans a favor by signing for money.

Lori Petty wanted $30 for an autograph and another $30 for a picture at the table and treated fans as if she was paying them. Christopher Lloyd was even worse charging $60 for a signature and another $60 for a photo and most of the time from what I heard he did not even look up when signing. I have tried to get him in the street several times and he has been a total jerk each time so this does not surprise me.

The bargain of the day was Malcolm McDowell whom was charging only $35 for a signature with a free photo. He was not very chatty but compared to the other guests most of whom were much less accomplished his prices were a bargain. The only guest who actually looked like he wanted to be there and whom actually had a line was George Romero. Mr. Romero took his time with each fan, chatted with them and smiled and gave a free photo with each signature. He was charging $40 which again was a bargain compared to the other guests. I won’t be going back to the convention anytime soon but was glad to have met Malcolm and George whom almost never appear in New York City.

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