Billy Beer Gets His Playmate On! Meeting 2011 Playmate Of The Year Claire Sinclair! Autographs! And Her Email?!?

Ohhhhh. Billy Beer is back and he’s heading out for a Playboy Playmate. Wait… Shocking… Billy likes to meet hot woman. Oh Billy, God bless you.

Billy sent off a great recap of his meeting with Playmate of the year from 2011, Ms. Claire Sinclair! In fact, it was the reason billy headed to the Hollywood Show this past weekend!

Check out his recap below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool.  Today the Bearded One is off to The Hollywood Show, and I am only there for One reason.  Was it the Chips Reunion…NOPE!  Was it the Miami Vice Reunion without the 2 main characters…..NOPE!  Was it for Jackee…..NOPE!  Fine I’ll tell you.  It was for the 2011 Playmate of the Year and star of the Pin Up Vegas show at the Stratosphere Ms. Claire Sinclair. 

Now some of you might already know this, but there are two types of pictures I look for when I’m trying to find something for a celebrity to sign.  One is a black and white photo, the other is a vintage pin up looking shot the celebrity might have posed for in a shoot.  Well, if you don’t know who she is, Claire is the definition of a modern day Pin Up model.  She is the future Dita Von Teese.  And she breaks the mold of PMOY by having natural curves, all while having a smile that lights up the room all by itself.  OK, if you couldn’t tell, she’s one of my favorite models and Playmates, so off to LA for the Hollywood Show to meet her.

When I get there, I run into a number of people I know.  I walk around the venue to see if there’s anything amazing that I had to have.  I walked past Claire’s table, but she wasn’t there yet.  I’m sure she had a show to do the night before in Vegas.  I talk to a few people, and then finally notice she was at her booth and signing.  I didn’t want to go up until there wasn’t a line, so I could actually talk to her with out people breathing down my neck waiting for there chance.  I do another lap and when I get back, she’s gone.  CRAP!  Then I notice a sign that says Claire Sinclair 1-5.  Well, that gives me a bit more to walk around.  Then I see her with a film crew walking around. 


So she’s back and has started signing again.  I use my same strategy and wait till everyone is gone and then I notice she’s gone AGAIN!  CRAP!  After talking with a couple people, I find out she went to lunch. 

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

While I’m waiting this time, I run into Pinky and Keith.  Since I am known to take somewhat bad photos, and other people usually take photos that look like they are 5 miles away, I ask Pinky for her expertise to help take my picture.  Finally Claire is back sitting down.  Not going to play the same game this time.  I head over to her table.  I pull out my 16×20 poster of her Pin Up show.  She loved it and asked me where I got it.  I told her I found the image online and printed it.  I think she was just happy not to be signing a picture with her ass in the air and her titties out (can I say ass and titties?  should I use butt and boobs on this website?  Is it too PG-13?)  🙂

(Editor’s Note: you can say ass and titties, I’ll allow it. M-)

I tell her I collect celebrity autographs, and love to find pin up looking photos for them to sign.  Then, I tell her I’ve been a big fan of hers for that reason.  She was super nice while we chit chatted back and forth showing off her huge smile and telling me I should dress as Zach Galifianakis for Halloween. 

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

Then I tell her I have a question.  I told her that I was in Vegas for the UFC Fan Expo, and I wanted to go see her show, but my friends wanted to sleep.  She then jumps in.

“You want free tickets?”

Actually, that’s not what I was going to ask for.  I told her, I’m having my birthday party in Vegas this year, and I wanted to know if they did anything special for birthdays. 

She tells me that during the show, she comes down and gives a calendar to someone in the crowd but other then that no.  Then she writes down on a piece of paper an email address and tells me if I emailed her, she would hook me up with free tickets!  I have a feeling she could tell how much I would drink and that she would make her money back there 🙂 And did I just get an email address from a Playmate of the Year???!!!

Next it’s time for the pictures.  I ask if I can get three, one horizontal (cause if you try to crop a vertical pic, it comes out bad),

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

one vertical (seriously, you think I’m going to miss out on a picture of those curves!),

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

and a selfy. 

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

She’s totally down, even though my camera was not.  Thanks, to Pinky, I was finally able to get all my pictures.  The lighting in that place is crazy.  I thank her, and I’m on my way. 

I’ve heard some horror stories of people trying to get pictures and autograph from people at this show.  But this was probably the best experience I could of had.  Can’t wait to see the show!!  Till next time! 

Claire Sinclair fan photo signing autographs selfie rare 2

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