James Hits The Motherload! Meeting Daniel Day Lewis! George Clooney! Martin Freeman! Marion Cotillard! Jennifer Lawrence! Helena Bonham Carter! Christoph Waltz! Autographs! And More!

Man oh man, James hit the motherload!

He was able to meet some amazing people in one shot. I love days like this. They are so rare and so much fun.

Plus, these are some awesome names!

Just check it out below! Mike The Fanboy Signature logo

Woah, now, I’m a BIG fan of the Baftas, it’s usually one of the best days of my autograph year. Whether it be my first ones in 2009 (in the rain) where I met Daniel Craig, 2010 (in the rain) where I met Mickey Rourke, Robert Pattinson and the beautiful Anna Kendrick, 2011 (in the rain) where I met Emma Watson, Christopher Nolan, Jessica Alba and JK Rowling, or 2012 (guess what, no rain!!) where I met Daniel Radcliffe, George Clooney, Colin Firth and Brad Pitt. It’s one of the best days for me, a great atmosphere where you meet a handful of A Listers, and get to see a whole load more. When the nominations for 2013 were announced on January 9th, I was convinced this year would be just as good, as to me it was the best nominations list there’d been in a long time, some of my real favourites. Then, last Wednesday, they announced the full guestlist. Wow. All I could say.

Alas, let’s not forget, this is Bafta weekend we’re talking about. What is guaranteed at every Bafta weekend? Rain. This year didn’t disappoint, being by far the wettest, coldest, and snowiest evening I’ve encountered outside the Royal Opera House. Before arrivals the red carpet was just a damp mess, and the skies showed no signs of the rain slowing. Well, it did midway through the arrivals… and turned to a snowstorm instead. Not the best conditions for persuading some of Hollywood’s finest to stop for you.

The bafta awards 2013 rare red carpet

Anyways, here’s how the evening went for me. I’ve tried to keep these in relative order, but when you have so many things happening at once, it’s hard to keep it 100% accurate. But, here it goes, my Baftas 2013…

The bafta awards 2013 rare red carpet

Rain’s coming down pretty heavy, but thanks to the lovely people I was with (Val, Cathy, Gill, and David) we managed to make use of our umbrellas (as well as ones some lovely Bafta people gave us) to keep us relitavely dry. However, there’s no way I’m even going to consider getting my photos or DVD sleeves out in this; index cards it is! Arrivals started, and oh, there’s Billy Connolly! He’s signing away, taking his time to see as many people as he can. I don’t worry about getting him, having met him before. Like 30 seconds was behind him was Martin Freeman! Yes!! Martin kindly signed and dedicated an index card for me, and posed for a photo. Whilst most people will know him as Bilbo in the Hobbit, he’ll always be Watson in Sherlock to me. Finally getting a photo with him means I’ve now completed my Sherlock photo-with set (him,Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, Una Stubbs & writer Stephan Moffatt, yay!)

Martin Freeman signing autographs for fans the hobbitMartin Freeman signing autographs for fans the hobbit

Next to come by was Rafe Spall, who’s had a pretty quick rise to fame with roles inLife of Pi, Prometheus, One Day and I Give It A Year all recently. Having met him just last month, I didn’t get him, but instead got an index card signed by his wife, Elize DuToit. Not exactly the most famous of people, but she’s a new autograph for my fairly large Doctor Who collection.  They were followed by former Olympic swimmerMark Foster, who posed for a photo. I’ve never understood why Mark is at the Baftas each year!

Rafe Spall signing autographs for fans rare

Just as Mark leaves, I spot Ang Lee, the director and Suraj Sharma, the star of Life of Pi signing. Ang’s pulled away by PAs a bit before he gets to my spot, whilst Suraj signs for the person next to me before being pulled away. The curse of being close to the TV crews! I’d have loved to meet Ang, I hope this isn’t a trend on the evening of the big names! Mark Strong also walks past, but I don’t call for him having met him before. In this weather it seemed silly to try getting people when I have already got their autograph and a photo with him.

Next along was the lovely Jeremy Irvine, star of War Horse, who was taking his time to stop for anyone that wanted him. Gutted I had two DVDs in my bag for him, but am sure I’ll see him again. I got a photo with him, having got an autograph at the Baftas last year (as well as at the Great Expectations premiere). I like Jeremy, and reckon he’s got a bright future infront of him. He does say, however, that Steven Spielberg won’t be coming due to the snow in New York. Poo!

Jeremy Irvine signing autographs for fans warhorse

Am sure by now I’d missed a few more people, but not entirely sure who. Sir Cameron Mackintosh, one of the maestros behind Les Miserables comes by and signs for people, but I don’t get him again having met him last month. Sir Alan Parkerand Paloma Faith both go by without signing, but have met both of them too. Natalie Dormer, star of The Tudors and Game of Thrones came over, and signed an index card and posed for a photo, quickly followed by David Morrissey, who I’m sure has done a lot of work, but I know best for his Doctor Who appearance. I got a photo with him, having got his autograph a few times before.

Natalie DormerDavid morrissey signing autographs for fans rare

A bit of a quiet period, until jawghduisrghug (my attempt at showing excitement), I spy Jennifer Lawrence signing on the other side of the red carpet. erhfughudbvfu-eeeeeek (and again). I apologise now to the people around me as I am sure I burst people’s eardrums in my excited nature. If there was anyone I want to meet on this evening, it’s her. I met her back in March last year at the Hunger Games premiere and was lucky enough to get two autographs and a photo with her (which I think I was VERY lucky to get then), but to me this is like when women get excited over Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt coming to London. She’s signing on the other side, albeit very quickly, and, she’s coming over. Woop!!! She’s getting through very quickly, but signs an index card for me. Woop! I asked for a photo but she said she’s got to keep moving so can;t stop, which is fair. I probably blurted out my love at this point, I don’t really remember. It’s a rubbish signature with a pen heavily affected by the rain, but I got to meet her again so I’m a happy person. I was at pains in choosing a photo to get signed, which I may well mount with the card.

Jennifer Lawrence signing autographs for fans hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence signing autographs for fans hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence signing autographs for fans hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence signing autographs for fans hunger games

After this, anything could happen and I wouldn’t worry too much, I met who I most wanted to. Yipee. Oh, there’s Samuel L Jackson walking through without signing. Again, I’m not worried having met him twice before. Hugh Jackman‘s signing up a storm on the other side, but again I’m not too worried on him after meeting him at theLes Mis premiere. I think I’m quite lucky to have got a pretty full Hugh signature a few years ago, too. I must big it out one day. Next to come over was Silent Witness star,Emilia Fox, who signed an index card and posed for a photo. Someone I really like who I’ve not got a photo with before, this is going well. Not quite the A Lister, but I’m happier meeting someone I like from the TV than a Hollywood actor I’ve never seen on screen.

Emilia Fox signing autographs for fansEmilia Fox signing autographs for fans

She was followed by the winner of the Rising Star award, Juno Temple, who’s had roles in St Trinians, Atonement, Killer Joe and the Dark Knight Rises. By now the rain was coming down VERY heavily, so I didn’t even get my index cards out. I got a photo with her however, and she’s more than happy to pose.

Juno Temple signing autographs for fans rare

Not long after, along comes Eddie Redmayne, best known as Marius in Les Miserables, but also known for his theatre work and roles in My Week With Marylin, Hick and Glorious 39. Again I didn’t get an autograph, but got a (blurry) photo with. Apparently he was sick backstage during the awards, so I hope he’s feeling better now!

Eddie Redmayne signing autographs for fans

Oh, there’s Tim Burton, who’s not signing (but with his arm in a sling, I’m not surprised). He’s closely followed by Jennifer Garner, who also doesn’t sign but apologises for not doing so. Shame, I’d have liked to have met her. But presumably that means her husband isn’t far away… and there Ben Affleck is, signing. He’s getting closer, and closer, and oh, he’s been dragged away to do press. Poo! He got really close as well. Ah well, always another day. It wasn’t even a signature anyways, more of a line on paper.

Ben Affleck signing autographs for fans rare

Helena Bonham Carter came over next, but having met her so many times I just let her be (sorry to all the HBC fans that constantly ask me to get her autograph!). She was followed by Alice Eve, who’s appeared in Sex & The City 2, Men In Black 3 andthe Decoy Bride. She posed for a picture with me. Again, having got her autograph before, I didn’t again.

Helena Bonham Carter signing autographs for fans

alice eve signing autographs for fans

Saw Chris Tucker signing on the other side of the carpet, I get rather excited, really want to meet Chris. Oh but here’s someone else I do quite like, Christoph Waltz, star of Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained. He kindly signed an index card for me, and just as at the Django premiere, said he wouldn’t pose for a picture so he could sign for as many people as he could. However, Paty (I think!) managed to get this picture that has me & him in, which is good enough for me until the next time!

Christoph Waltz signing autographs for fans

Oh, Dame Judi Dench is walking past without signing, but again is one I’ve met. Oh wait, where’s Chris gone? Gutted I missed him. George Clooney’s signing on the other side, and wow so is Bradley Cooper. James excitement levels rise highly. Stuff George, I so want to meet Bradley. Alongside Jennifer, he was top to meet this weekend, possibly moreso having never met him before. George’s PA motions at him to cross over to us. Nooo! I’m shouting for Bradley!! I do get George to sign an index card though (which I may well give away in a competition, keep an eye out). Loved Up In The Air, but it’s not what I want out of the two.

George Clooney signing autographs for fans

Bradley’s still signing on the other side, but he’s getting further away, and further, and nope, he’s gone to do press. Gutted. Like, proper gutted. Although I do know of an event he’s meant to be at on the Monday (11th), so all hope isn’t lost. I did get a photo of him being interviewed though.

bradley cooper signing autographs for fans rare

Next over is Harry Potter’s Helen McCrory and her husband, Homeland star Damien Lewis. They’re being called to do interviews, so I only go for Damien, who poses for a photo with me. Nicholas Brody, yeah!! I’ve met Helen twice before, so no biggie. The rain is no longer now, but is a proper snowstorm. Not good.

Damien Lewis signing autographs for fans

Dame Helen Mirren comes over next, rocking some awesome pink hair, but I don’t try getting my photos out, and she’s gone before I can get an index card signed. She starts in the West End this week though, so all is not lost. Sarah Jessica Parker walks past without signing, boo.

Dame Helen Mirren with pink hair signing autographs

Next Lily James comes over, and signs an index card and poses for a photo. We’re not entirely sure at the time who she is (I keep asking people “is it Andrea Riseborough?” when we don’t recognise a woman with PAs, but in the end I didn’t even see Andrea!), but she was friendly all the same. Henry Cavill, the newSuperman, comes by too, and signed and dedicated an index card for me. I’d have liked a photo with him, but it was too crazy.

Lily James signing autographs for fans

Amy Adams is coming along signing, yay. Her third Baftas, and it looks like I might finally meet her. Oh wait, Marion Cotillard’s walking along. Sorry Amy, she wins. I start calling Marion and she happily comes over. Yay! She signs an index card for me, and I ask for a photo in French, to which she is more than happy to pose for. Awesome!! I know Marion’s won an Oscar, Bafta and probably everything else there is to win, but I know and love her for the awesome (in my opinion) Taxi films, a French series directed by Luc Besson. I just like them, they’re not famous here at all, neither are any of the other stars of the films, so to finally meet someone from them, 8 years after I first saw the films, is pretty special. Especially since the main actor Samy Naceri spends more time in prison than out, and the rest aren’t known here at all. Chuffed.

Marion Cotillard signing autographs for fansMarion Cotillard signing autographs for fans

Marion Cotillard signing autographs for fans

Somewhere in here Javier Bardem, Jaoquin Pheonix, John C Reilly, Sam Mendesand Simon Pegg all went past without signing where I was (or in some cases not at all), but no one I was too worried on. Carpet seemed to be starting to wrap up now, but some big names still hadn’t been seen; no Sally Field (who turned out to have got past without is noticing), no Meryl Streep (who never even made it), no Danny Boyle(who didn’t do the carpet), no Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway or Daniel Day Lewis. Oh no, Daniel’s coming along, and is signing!!

Daniel Day Lewis signing autographs

Daniel Day Lewis signing autographs

He comes over and happily signs an index card for me, with a fuller autograph than he did for most (Daniel DL as opposed to DDL). Fantastic, a real acting legend, who I’m sure will have his third Oscar by the end of the month for Lincoln. Also managed to get this photo of him signing for me, oh aren’t I photogenic!

As I’m getting Daniel, Jeremy Renner appears and signs a few before dashing off, and I miss out. He does appear in the photo above though! I’d have liked to meet Jeremy, but Daniel is much better for me on a personal preference level. Tim Roth, star of films including Pulp Fiction, Planet of the Apes, Rob Roy and the Incredible Hulkcomes over and signs an index card for me. 

Ben Whishaw signing autographs for fansWill Poutler  signing autographs for fansWill Poutler  signing autographs for fans

Ben Whishaw, star of Skyfall, Will Poutler of Son of Rambow and Narnia fame, andGemma Chan, who I know from Doctor Who, all come over and pose for pictures with me. I don’t get autographs as the snow’s pretty crazy now.

Ahh, there’s Anne Hathaway! But she’s not signing! Am glad I managed to meet her at the Les Mis premiere, but gutted that photo-with still eludes me. According to my friend Val she blew a kiss right at me, but I’m less convinced. Just behind her isJessica Chastain! Ahh man, she’s not signing either? Wow, what happened there!! The nicest woman in Hollywood didn’t sign at all. I don’t blame her though, she can only have just got off the plane having been on Broadway the night before, she’s quite late, and it’s a snowstorm. She’s forgiven, especially as she was so lovely at last year’s Baftas. I’d have just loved a photo with her. One day!
and, unless I’ve forgotten someone, that was that. Baftas were over for another year. Wetter, colder, snowier, and I think a little dissapointed-er than previous years. If it hadn’t been for the weather, I am pretty sure I would’ve met a whole load more people. On reflection over the past couple of days though, it was actually a pretty good evening. Daniel Day Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Martin Freeman and Jennifer Lawrence. Four people I really like. Especially since Jennifer’s become a bit of a diva recently; she didn’t sign at any other point during the weekend from what I’ve heard.
Just gutted about Bradley Cooper. and Chris Tucker. Although there was an event Bradley was at on the Monday evening, he used a side entrance and didn’t do the red carpet. However, there was another surprise guest I did meet who made the Monday event well worth it for me. and his name is in this paragraph! Yipeeeeee.
So Bradley, come over before long yeah? and PLEASE SIGN FOR ME!

Such an awesome recap! check out James blog for more adventures!

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