Random Encounter Alert! Billy Runs Into The Sexy Jaimie Alexander And Peter Facinelli! Autographs! Blonde Hotness!

Billy Beer is back. I know what you’re thinking… Who? Oh Billy, the guy who chased Nina Dobrev! Well, now he’s standing on the street corner hoping someone will walk past him. And what happens? Someone does! Not just any someone, Thor star Jaimie Alexander! Ummm awesome!

Billy was with some homeless guy who looks like a turkey, but that didn’t stop Jamie from talking to him and Billy. She’s really nice, God bless her! I’m heavily medicated on DayQuil so if I say something weird, you know why!

Check out Billy’s full recap about standing with turkey face and meeting Jaimie Alexander below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar stool.  After a week’s worth of Ace bashing (He knows I’m only half joking)  J  I guess it’s time to put up or shut up.  Wait, What?  I’ve had articles sitting in Fanboy’s hands for over a week now?  I guess I should start this article a bit different, to account for the time it’s going to take someone to get it posted.
Welcome back to Billy Beer’s barstool.  How was everyone’s Comic Con.  I can’t believe I got the signing for (insert show name here)!  And how nice was (insert actress name here) !  (No insert name necessary here)  Elizabeth Banks is still a bitch!  It’s nice to finally get away from Mike the Fanboy.  He wouldn’t stop following me and cutting in line all weekend!  I do miss Erica and Susan though. 

(Editor’s Note: Here’s something I never thought I would say, “Billy, that was actually moderately funny! Good job!” M-)

Well, a ways back I went to a little event that was supposed to have some big names attending.  The only problem was it was at one of the worst spot to get graphs period!  So what do I do?  I go of course, cause someone convinced that Chris Hemsworth was going to roll down and sign.  I don’t know why I thought this, but whatever.  There were a number of B actors and actresses there too, so I thought I would at least have a chance for something. 
After scoping everything out, we picked what we thought was the best spot.  The only problem was we would see who was driving, but they cruised on by.  UGH!  At least we were seeing who was there, so maybe we could get them on the way out.  No big names though, Jenna Elfman, Julie Bowden, Danny Pudi.  We know there was more, we just couldn’t see them. 

jamie alexander signing autographs hot sexy blonde sif thor rare

Time to wait for exits.  After a few phone calls, with friends, I was basically told I would have a better chance sitting on a desert island waiting for a celebrity to walk past then sitting here. 

(Editor’s Note: I think that was me who said that! 🙂 M-)

We decide to stick it out for just a little more, when all of a sudden I turn around and see a bright blonde haired lady walking right up to us.  Even though I was told who it was, you didn’t need to tell me. Here come’s Ms. Sif herself Jaimie Alexander and her boyfriend, oh yeah, who just happens to be Peter Facinelli. 

We say hi to them, and I mention I have a (wait for it) 5×7 picture from the Thor Premiere if she wouldn’t mind me running back to my car really quick and getting it.  Surprisingly, they don’t mind.  When I get back, she’s finishing signing someone else’s poster.  I then ask for a picture since most of my pictures with her there’s a barricade in the way.  Not only does she do it, but Peter offers to take the picture. 

jamie alexander signing autographs hot sexy blonde sif thor rare

I then tell Peter I already had a picture signed from him, and not to feel left out.  He got a good laugh out of that (See Mike, I am funny!).  They then cross the street to go to the gas station.  Well, the guy who got his poster signed, now wanted a quote on it.  I then remember I have another  11×14 of her from when she was supposed to be at the Captain America 2 Premiere in my car.  I go running again, and give it to the guy with the poster.  Didn’t want them to think we were following them. 
While I’m standing there, another couple of ladies come walking out.  One looked SOOOO familiar.  Oh course I don’t say anything.  After waiting a little longer, we finally decide to leave.  I look up to see if there were any pictures of who was at this thing. CLAIRE HOLT!!!  Crap!  I had three things for her, and she was standing next to me for literally 5 minutes.  Oh well, I finally got a good pick with Jaimie.  Time to go, it’s happy hour somewhere.

jamie alexander signing autographs hot sexy blonde sif thor rare

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