Super Short Friday! Scotty Boogie’s The Night Away After Meeting The Awesome Julianne Moore!

Ohhh, we all love us some Julianne Moore! First off, two words Boogie Nights.


Next three words… The Big Lebowski

Just those two movies would make me love Julianne Moore, but she’s done so much more!

I’ll have a recap as well, but since Scotty missed a week on his SSS he was nice enough to do a Super Short Friday!

Check it out below!

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Super Short Sundays Part 2 – Julianne Moore Edition
November 16, 2014
By: Scott

Since I did not have an article last week, I am doing two for this week. This week I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite actresses. Julianne Moore was out and about in Los Angeles. I have gotten her signature before, but I wanted to get a picture with her. This time out, Julianne was kind enough to take a picture with me. I was so excited! Thank you Julianne!!!

Julianne Moore signing autographs fan photo rare hot 1

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