Super Short Sunday! Even Scotty Gets The Blues But Not After Meeting k.d. lang! Autographs! And More!

It’s Super Short Sunday!

Scotty headed out to meet iconic songstress k.d. lang. Scotty has been a fan for a long time and she recently had a concert here in Los Angeles. Knowing he had to go, Scotty was able to meet the animal rights advocate and she was super awesome!

Check out his Super Short Sunday below!

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Super Short Sunday – k.d. lang Edition
June 21, 2015
By: Scott

This week I was able to meet k.d. lang. In doing so, she was kind enough to sign my Vanity Fair from 1993. Cindy Crawford had already signed it. It looks awesome that both signatures are on this memorable cover. I thanked k.d. for all her work to defend human and animal rights. She thanked me for being a fan. Thank you k.d. for making this fan’s day a great one!

k.d. lang signed autograph vanity fair magazine 1

k.d. lang signed autograph vanity fair magazine 1

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