Paul Meets A White Chick… Or The Star Of White Chicks! Mr. Marlon Wayans! Autographs! And More!

MTF Reader Paul was out and about for the Wayan’s brother Marlon. He was doing a talk show taping promoting his new movie A Haunted House. I know a lot of people love White Chicks, I’m talking to you Scotty! I didn’t get it myself, but comedy is a tricky business. lol..

Marlon was very nice and signed for everyone.

Check out his recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Ok so I’m not expecting anybody at this recent talk show considering Marlon Wayans is doing a premiere tomorrow, but I have plans tomorrow. So no go for me! Instead, I’m stuck in the sweltering heat of universal studios waiting with 2 paps and 1 fellow grapher for the youngest Wayans brother Marlon. Not too excited, but I got my white chicks press kit on me.

Hoping to get a quick graph so I can go home. He arrives 10 minutes late and quickly does the interview…

marlon wayans signing autographs white chicks star extra universal studios1

is he gonna bail or will he sign? He is handed a black sharpie from the security guard and proceeds down the line. He reaches me and I ask him if he can sign at the bottom which he ignores and signs at the fold out section… grrrrr… one Wayans to go 3!

white chicks presskit signed autograph marlon wayans signing autographs white chicks star extra universal studios2

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