Photo Flops! Meeting The Walking Dead Star Melissa McBride! She’s Super Awesome But Our Photo… Doh!

It’s Photo Flop time!

You see Billy Beer headed out… Oh wait…This isn’t Billy Beer’s Photo Flop, it’s mine!


Suddenly Susan and I were lucky enough to attend a Walking Dead event. While there I was able to chat with Melissa McBride, who I adore as Carol. Her arc is one of the best on the series. To watch her grow from season 1 until now is really something.

Melissa McBride Fan Photo signing autographs carol2

Melissa was super cool and our first photo… Well… It was a flop! Doh!

Thankfully, it was a calm event and we were able to get a retake, but when I saw this Photo Flop all I could think about was… Noooooooooo!

Check out the full Photo Flop below!
Melissa McBride Fan Photo signing autographs carol2

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