Manic Monday! Pinky Is A Scaredy-cat After Meeting Poltergeist Star JoBeth Williams! Horror-ific Goodness!

It’s just another… Manic Monday!

Who doesn’t love Poltergeist? It’s a scare-ific horror film. The original film is a cult classic that terrified me as a child. So scary!

Pinky was able to meet one of the stars of Poltergeist Ms. JoBeth Williams!

Check out this weeks Manic Monday below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here always appreciative for the random encounter when you least expect to see someone. A few weeks ago, I was lucky to cross paths with JoBeth Williams who most people know from Poltergeist.

diane freeling JoBeth Williams

As I’m a big chicken, I’ve never seen that film, but I have seen her in a multitude of other things. Beginning with Kramer v. Kramer, she’s been in so many TV shows and films.

diane freeling JoBeth Williams

Most recently, she’s been in Marry Me, Private Practice, Dexter, and Scandal just to name a few. JoBeth has also been the SAG president since 2009.

diane freeling JoBeth Williams

We ran into her as she was leaving a movie and she was sweet enough to stop and pose for a picture with me (as well as some autographs for a few others). I can’t believe this was the first time I’ve ever met her!

JoBeth Williams Fan Photo Selfie 1

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