Billy Is A Minion! Meeting Sandra Bullock! Jon Hamm! Allison Janney! and More Yellow Goodness!

Billy is a crazy person, that much is certain.

He headed downtown los angeles to meet Ms. Sandra Bullock, cause who doesn’t love the Bullock? Plus, Jon Hamm and Allison Janney?

I couldn’t make it out for this one, plus who knew it would be accessible?

Check out Billy’s recap and snide comments about yours truly below!

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool. Not sure why I’m writing this since it will probably not even be posted like my last article that Mike has been sitting on for over a month. But it’s understandable when your busy watching reruns of Cake Wars and Golden Girls, when do you really have time to post articles from your fan favorite Billy Beer. Although, when your as big as Mike the Fanboy, and your picture is all over Hollywood, you can do what you want!

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Today we are off to the Minions Premiere in hopes to see Sandra Bullock and John Hamm. This was the first of 3 premieres in 3 days. I’ve been told the location was not easy, but since I was going to be in town anyway, I thought I would try.

Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 6

I arrive a little early, nothing to crazy though. When I get there, there is maybe 5-10 people there, and no barricade. Not sure what to think of that. People were standing by the drop, but there was no way they were going to let us stay there. Finally about 30-60 minutes before it was about to start. a guy came over and said we couldn’t stand there, but he was going to set up a pit for us on the other side of the drop as long a we behaved ourselves and there was no pushing. He said usually they don’t do this, usually we would have to be across the street, but since there was maybe 15 to 20 of us they decided to be nice.

Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 6

Now, I was really there for a couple of people so when the first few drops showed up, I wasn’t really paying attention unless it was Sandy or Jon. Little did I know the directors had shown up. Now, I normally don’t care about directors unless it’s a JJ or Steven, but I forgot the directors in this movie was actually the voices of the Minions. CRAP!!!

Finally we get a drop of someone that requires a little extra security. It’s Allison Janney. She’s always been nice when I’ve met her, All I had brought for her was my mini poster. She signs it and then goes down the line for everyone else. There really wasn’t a lot of graphers here 2 or 3 at the most. It was mostly girls that like Sandy and a couple of families, and everyone was being nice.

Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 6

Jon Hamm was next to show up. At first he goes into the premiere, but after a little coaxing, he came back and signed down the line. I got him on a Mad Men poster and the Minions poster too. Then he was nice enough to take a picture too.

jon hamm photo selfie Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 3

Finally after a long wait, Sandy shows up. You could tell she was running late, but she still came right over. People were asking for photo-ops, but she said she only had time to sign. The only other times I’ve seen here sign, she was a one each gal, but because she was in a hurry she just went right down the line and if it was out, it got signed. There was not coming back. So I put my poster and picture out, and she got them both. She was still being nice with the fans, but you could tell she had to get in there.

sandra bullock signing autographs Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 5

sandra bullock signing autographs Minions los angeles premiere sandra bullock signing autographs 5

When she was done, she handed off the pen and was gone. That was it. Not too painful, and I got everything I wanted signed. Wish I could say the rest of the weekend went that smoothly, but it is what it is. Well people hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m sure it will get posted 5 weeks after Comic Con after Mike writes his 50 articles about how crazy it was, and how he hated actually having to wait in the lines himself! Till next time!

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