Manic Monday! Pinky Runs Into Teri Polo… Right Outside Her Front Door! It’s A Fanboy First!

I love chance random encounters!

Pinky was chllin’ at home, sippin’ a Pink Flamingo with a small umbrella in it, and thinking of making some cotton candy when she spied a bit of filming happening… Right outside her door!

Say wha?


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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here happy to live in a city where one of my favorite celebrities just happened to be filming outside of our house the other day. Yep, that’s right, Teri Polo herself was filming some scenes for her ABC Family show The Fosters and was literally right outside our door.

meet the parents dvd cover

We couldn’t have planned it better! I’m glad they were there because normally I wouldn’t go to a filming location – it’s just not something I do very much and never have a clue as to where to go, where to wait, when you can ask for a photo, etc. Even with her right there, I wasn’t sure how everything worked. Thankfully my sweet husband waited with me as we watched the shoot and then told me the perfect time to ask for the picture. Teri was a doll – a total sweetheart! She asked for our names and apologized for all the filming commotion. Love her!

Teri Polo fan photo meet and greet autograph 1

It’s funny – I don’t recall many things I’ve seen Teri on that I didn’t love. Although she’s probably best known for her role as Ben Stiller’s wife on Meet The Parents (and the following sequels), my favorite role of hers was on a short-lived TV sitcom called I’m With Her.

I'm with her logo poster Teri Polo fan photo meet and greet autograph 1

It was about a common guy falling in love and marrying a movie star (gee, sound familiar?).

I'm with her logo poster Teri Polo fan photo meet and greet autograph 1

From looking at her profile on, I can see she’s been in everything from Felicity to Northern Exposure to Law & Order.

paul_provenza_northern_exposure 2

She’s always amazing on-screen and it was great to see her being so fan friendly, as well.

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