Meeting The Hunger Games Mockingjay Cast In Berlin! Chris Meets Sam Claflin! Jeffrey Wright! Michelle Forbes! And More!

People love The Hunger Games, it’s one of the rare few book series that has translated so well to film. And the fanbase is huge! Personally, I really enjoy the series and I have high hopes he next two films really close the series well.

MTF Reader Chris was out in Berlin to try and meet some of the cast while they were filming the last part of the movie. There are some great photos!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Check out Chris’ full recap below!
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For the last couple of weeks, “Mockingjay – Part 2”, the last part of “The Hunger Games” movies, was (and still is apparently until next Friday) filming in Berlin. I thought I could use this chance to meet some of the cast.

I heard it isn’t really possible to see much or meet anyone at the set itself – thanks to high fences and securities at every corner. But it is known which actors are at which hotel. I heard of fans who met some of the actors there, so I wanted to see if I’d have some luck as well.

On the first day I was at a hotel, it was Saturday, May 31st, I tried my luck at the hotel Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, director Francis Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson stayed at.

The first one I saw was Woody Harrelson – but he just ran past us really quick and didn’t stop.

Later in the evening, Jennifer, Liam, Woody and Nina Jacobson drove out of the hotel on bikes! But nobody stopped.

The producer Nina Jacobson came back on her bike and actually stopped it to sign autographs and pose for a few pictures with fans. I got both her autograph as well as a picture with her.

The cast was driven to a back entrance in cars and didn’t come out to the fans…

The next day, I met Nina Jacobson again and saw Woody Harrelson again, but he wouldn’t stop for fans, even after asking him.

After I left, some lucky fans met Liam Hemsworth near the hotel; I heard he was really nice to them, signed autographs and posed for pictures. I have met him before at a premiere, so it’s okay I missed him this time.

On most days during the week, they just drove to a back entrance in cars and didn’t come out to fans, so I decided to not wait there during the week.

At the hotel where the rest of the cast and crew stayed, I met Jeffrey Wright who was really nice, as well as some of the new cast members, who play smaller roles – Omid Abtahi (who plays a character called Homes) and Joe Chrest (Mitchell), who was super nice and came out to us again to warn us that we wouldn’t be able to meet most of the actors that day because they were shooting during the night. That was on June 3rd.

jeffrey wright signing autographs selfie mockingjay cast signing autographs on set sam claflin michelle forbes   1

On a day I sadly wasn’t there, both Josh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson apparently stopped for fans. Although Josh didn’t sign but just posed for pictures, as far as I heard. I don’t know if Woody signed, but I also saw pictures of fans with him.

I think that besides Jennifer Lawrence, every actor greeted some fans in Berlin at least once during the weeks of shooting here.

This Thursday, I tried again to meet some more of the cast. And I had a lot of luck!
There were lots of fans waiting that day (but luckily, everyone was quite calm and it didn’t get chaotic). Sam Claflin, Finnick Odair himself arrived at the hotel and really took his time to sign autographs for everyone and pose for pictures with everyone who wanted one.

Sam Claflin signing autographs fan photo mockingjay cast signing autographs on set sam claflin michelle forbes   4

He was so nice! I was really happy to finally meet him. I got his signature and then I tried to take a picture with him. It was more of a photo flop, so I asked him if I could take another picture with him and he agreed. But it was another photo flop. At the third try, it finally worked. It was really nice of Sam to come back and then wait until I finally got it!

Sam Claflin signing autographs fan photo mockingjay cast signing autographs on set sam claflin michelle forbes   4

And I again met some of the new cast members.

The next one I met was Michelle Forbes, who will play a character called Lieutenant Jackson who I don’t really remember from the book. But since I know Michelle from the series “True Blood”, I really wanted to meet her. She was really nice and happy to sign and take pictures with fans.

michelle forbes  signing autographs fan photo mockingjay cast signing autographs on set sam claflin michelle forbes   4

I also met Wes Chatham (who plays Castor) and the Oscar-winning makeup artist Ve Neill (I was surprised how many fans recognized her and wanted her autograph).

Wes Chatham signing autographs for fans mockingjay cast signing autographs on set sam claflin michelle forbes   5

The next day, I met Elden Henson (Pollux) and Evan Ross (Messalla). Both were as well nice enough to stop to sign some autographs and pose for pictures.

Later in the evening, Wes Chatham came out to us again. This was, although I had met him already the day before and he has not yet been in many movies, my highlight of the day, because he is just so awesome and nice!

On Saturday, I saw director Francis Lawrence, but it was raining and he seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn’t want to bother him by asking him for an autograph.
We also saw Jennifer Lawrence’ bodyguard; we think he might have to go shopping for her. lol

The filming will end on June 20th and I’m now not in Berlin anymore, so this was my experience with the cast in Berlin.

I was really happy to already meet so many actors of the movie. I mean, there will still be enough possibilities to meet the main cast at movie premieres here in Europe, but I don’t know if I will ever see some of these actors again.

Additionally, I’m really happy to finally have met Sam Claflin.

-MTF Reader Chris

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