Manic Monday! Sha-La-La-La! Pinky Gets Her Family Ties After Meeting Michael Gross! Autographs! And Monsters!

Oh, It’s like I started breathing on the night we kissed,
And I can’t remember what I ever did before.

What would we do baby, Without Us?
What would we do baby, Without Us?

And there ain’t no nothing we can’t love each other through.

What would we do baby, Without Us?

Sha la la la.

Who doesn’t love Family Ties? One of the best sitcoms of the 1980s! Swoon.
Pinky headed out to Monsterpalooza this past weekend to meet one of the stars of Family Ties, Mr. Michael Gross.

You might wonder why Michael was at Monsterpalooza, well, he was one of the stars of Tremors, the fun 1990’s b-movie saga.

Check out Pinky’s recap below!

Mike The Fanboy Signature logo

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still recovering from an icky cold. Still, even that couldn’t keep me away from Monsterpalooza this weekend. Not that I’m a fan of the genre, mind you, since I’m a big chicken, but they had a few pop culture guests that I was really looking forward to meeting.

Family-Ties-poster painting

One of them was everyone’s favorite hippie dad, Michael Gross, who played the beloved patriarch, Steven Keaton, on the ‘80s sitcom, Family Ties. In fact, ever since I started looking for pictures from the series to accompany this article, I’ve been stuck with the theme song in my head! “What would we do, baby, without us….” Catchy tune!

Family-Ties-poster painting

Anyway, Monsterpalooza should be renamed to Can’t-Find-Anything-It’s-Way-Too-Crowded because everything is so spread out it’s practically impossible to find anyone you’re looking for. I spent the better part of an hour trying to find Michael Gross and almost left thinking he’d just cancelled for the day. I’m so glad I finally asked someone from the Monsterpalooza staff where I could find him. Sure enough, he was in the one place I’d skipped in my search. D’oh! Michael Gross could not have been sweeter. I mean, I know he was at a show, which already seems to makes people nicer (in general), but Michael had that rare quality of being genuinely kind. You could see it when he spoke, how he interacted with people, and how sweet he was. He had a glimmer in his eyes that made you feel as if he’d come to see you.

Family-Ties-poster painting

After our first picture, he thought it’d look better if it was a bit farther away, so he took my camera and snapped the picture himself. Such a cool guy! The Keaton family would be proud.

Michael Gross fan photo now 2015 family ties 4

Michael Gross fan photo now 2015 family ties 4

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