Holy Sh*t! Meeting The Iconic And Amazing Michelle Pfeiffer! OMG! I Still Can’t Believe It!

I’m going to be really really honest here.

2020 has sucked giant donkey dick so far for me. I can’t go into the shit that’s happening or happened but needless to say, holy crap, WTF universe?

But there are some moments when everything clicks, and I think that God (or the universe or whatever you wanna think) just says, “Hey, we’re showing you a bone.”

That happened to me on Monday.

I headed out with Scotty on a lark, TBH. I mean… I heard late Sunday night that my number one, the person who… If I had to pick out of anyone currently living to get a photo from might be out at a small pop up. I’m of course talking about Michelle Pfeiffer.

Now, Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t the easiest person to meet, lol. Let’s just say, OMG hours and hours of going out, too many events to count, to be honest I never thought it would happen.

But you have to try.

Scotty and I headed to this pop up and it was a mix of brands and they had samples, some things for sale and other various things. We wandered and there was no sign of Michelle. It was honestly looking pretty bleak.

Then, like a ray of light in a cloudy day, Michelle Pfeiffer popped in. No fanfare, just a couple random security guards, but not intrusive in anyway.

She was talking with friends and I was trying to not look like a zombie.

We didn’t pounce, and just waited for a few minutes. Someone approached her and she was happy to pose for photos with anyone who asked.

I literally was telling myself to not spaz, or be stupid in anyway.

When it was my turn, I asked for a quick photo and she was like, “Let’s move over here, the lighting is better.” And she moved us to the right lighting, “And I said, well you would know how pick angles so I trust you.” We both laughed and then she said, “Oh, he knows the right angle.” Pointing to Scotty taking the photo high. I said, “I said I train all my friends, lol.”

It was epic.

Michelle Pfeiffer with fans signing autographs 2020 hot sexy rare 0004


So calm, so simple. I grabbed a class of champagne and drowned in.

We stayed for a little bit and mingled around. And then waited outside to try and get something signed.

I went to my car and got my Batman Returns Catwoman standee.

I was told to try and get Witches of Eastwick done, but getting this done would be harder in the long run so I had to go with the standee.

We waited a bit and when she was leaving there were three of us waiting. On girl asked her to sign and she was like, “Oh sure.”

She signed one each (Scotty did push it for two, but I couldn’t)

And that was it.

Super simple, super calm. Scotty even thanked her publicist after for being so nice.

It was a perfect evening. Simply perfect.

I’m super excited and thankful.

Until next time kids…

Michelle Pfeiffer signed autograph catwoman standee batman returns poster Michelle Pfeiffer signed autograph catwoman standee batman returns poster


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