Super Short Sunday! Scotty Parties Like It’s 1989 After Meeting Michel’le! Autographs and More!

Super Short Sunday – Michel’le Edition
February 23, 2020
By: Scott

This week’s edition quickly recaps my encounter with a music artist who had a major hit in 1989. That year, I was obsessed with Michel’le’s “No More Lies.” It was one of those songs I played on repeat. I was intrigued that her speaking voice was so high, and her singing voice was so deep and soulful. I was able to briefly meet Michel’le at a premiere party for WE TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp.” Unfortunately, the publicist felt like she was guarding Angelina, Brad, Meryl, and Johnny all at one time from the one fan and photographer waiting. When Michel’le arrived she was pleased to see she had a fan waiting, but the publicist cut the encounter short. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures. However, Michel’le was kind enough to sign both my albums and gave me a hug. Thank you, Michel’le for being amazing!

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