Microsoft MD-100 Exam as the Best Start for Those Administrators Who Want to Get Sought-After Certification. Go This Way with Practice Tests Offered by Certbolt!

Microsoft MD-100 Exam as the Best Start for Those Administrators Who Want to Get Sought-After Certification. Go This Way with Practice Tests Offered by Certbolt!

Nowadays, Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS among the users. You can come across it on almost every PC in the world. That is why a lot of companies search for the modern desktop administrators who can deal with this operating system professionally. And if you want to become one of them and get all the benefits this job position can give you, you should opt for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate. For this credential, you need to pass two tests that include MD-100 and MD-101. In this post, we will talk about the Microsoft MD-100 exam.

Eligibility criteria and potential audience

Microsoft MD-100 is created to evaluate the students’ skills and ability to configure and support Windows 10 desktops, particularly in an organizational environment. To pass this certification exam, the candidates should know how to deploy and maintain Windows, configure connectivity, as well as manage data and devices.

The target audience for the MD-100 test is those IT professionals who are responsible for performing installation, configuration, maintenance, and general local management of Windows 10 core services. It is ideal for the administrators who know how to configure, deploy, secure, manage, and monitor devices and applications of clients in an enterprise environment. These specialists also manage identity, updates, access, policies, and apps. They design and implement device strategies that fulfill all the business needs of a modern organization in collaboration with the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators.

The age limit for taking the Microsoft MD-100 exam is 18 years and above. This test doesn’t require any other specific official prerequisites. However, the applicants should have some basic skills that include the following:

  • Basic knowledge of OS and understanding of application concepts;
  • Experience in using Windows OS;
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and networks concepts.

You should also know that this certification exam is not necessary for those individuals who have already cleared Microsoft 70-698 before its retirement. If you have already passed this test, then you can skip Microsoft MD-100 and go straight to Microsoft MD-101 to become a certified modern desktop administrator.

Exam structure and its features

Microsoft MD-100 can only be taken in the English language, and you can register for this test via Pearson VUE, which administers it. Each candidate is required to pay $165 as an exam fee. After paying, the learners can register and schedule the test at their preferred date, day, and time, especially if they are taking it online.

The MD-100 exam contains at least 40-60 questions. They can be of different types, including multiple choice, drag and drop, active screen, best answer, and others. All these questions are supposed to be answered within 120 minutes. To pass this certification test and obtain the badge, you must get at least 700 points out of the possible 1000 marks. Those candidates who get below 700 are not given any certificate as they are considered to have failed. These individuals can schedule the exam again and retake it after paying another $165.

Exam topics and some ways to learn them

Before going for the test, you also need to know its topics. Therefore, please note that Microsoft MD-100 is centered on 4 main skill areas:

  1. Windows maintenance – 25-30%;
  2. Connectivity configuration – 15-20%;
  3. Devices and data management – 35-40%;
  4. Windows deployment – 15-20%.

To be fully prepared for the MD-100 exam, the applicants should also be well conversant with the Microsoft 365 workloads. They should have a certain level of skills and proficiency in configuring, deploying, and maintaining Windows 10 as well as non-Windows technologies. The test takers should understand all these four objectives mentioned above before attempting the exam.

There are several preparation resources readily available for Microsoft MD-100 that can help you explore all these topics. You can start your preparation by checking out the study materials available on the Microsoft website. The company offers all the interested students two kinds of training courses: instructor-led and self-paced. Certbolt also comes with quite a good number of tools that can be helpful in your preparation. The platform gives an opportunity to download some free braindumps as well as purchase the premium bundle with practice tests, one study guide, and video tutorials.

Exam benefits that deserve your attention

Before directing all the resources to your preparation, it is essential that you try to find out whether passing the exam will help your career or not. While our main focus in this article is not on the benefits of Microsoft MD-100, let’s take a look at a few of them so that you can form your own opinion.

  • You will be one step closer to becoming a certified modern desktop administrator.

Passing Microsoft MD-100 is the first step towards the associate-level badge in Microsoft 365. It shows your level of expertise and experience in configuring and supporting Windows 10 desktops, especially in an organizational environment. It will help the potential employers quickly identify your job role and entrust you with the tasks because this credential is a validation that you can effectively deploy Windows 10 in an enterprise environment.

  • You will become more experienced in your area.

In preparation for the Microsoft MD-100 exam, you will study to be well versed in all measured skills. Through this process, you will gain new skills, in addition to improving existing ones, and this will make you a more qualified specialist. For example, you will be more proficient in installing and customizing Windows 10, configuring storage of Windows, configuring folder and file permissions, as well as managing devices and data.

  • You will stand out among other specialists.

The certification you get after passing Microsoft MD-100 will make your CV more noticeable and attractive. This will help you win more interview invitations compared to those who have not cleared this test.


The demand for the competent and certified IT specialists is already very high and continues to grow rapidly. The Microsoft MD-100 exam is a valuable addition to your resume that validates your skills in maintaining Windows and deploying it, configuring connectivity, as well as managing data and devices. It is also a step towards the highly sought-after certification, which is recognized globally and will enable you to reach new heights in your career in the IT field, especially as an administrator. Passing the MD-100 test is not a walk in the park, but its benefits are definitely worth the investment of your time, effort, and money.

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