Mike The Fanboy: On Location With The Cast Of True Blood! Anna Paquin! Alexander Skarsgard! Stephen Moyer! Avengers Unite!

Sigh… All the Avengers are uniting again without me… I think they are doing it to torment me with their tales of True Blood goodness… Ah well… The Lovely Erica, Scotty and Awesome Anushika are off again to watch one of my absolute favorite shows True Blood being filmed. Erica, Scotty and I went last week, and had an amazing time. Sooooooo… The kids are off again, The Lovely Erica is writing this puppy up with interjections from Scotty, Our Resident Music Dude, and Awesome Anushika!

Take it away guy, and make me jealous… grrrrrrrr…


The last time we were here it was Friday the Thirteenth. Tonight, there is a moody, mysterious moon watching over us. Hopefully it’s a good True Blood omen!

true blood season 4 rare promo hot anna paquin on the set of true blood season 4 stephen moyer sexy hot promo alexander skarsgard

Anushika: I wake up to this AWESOME text from my Amazing friend Tara… “I want to head out to check the True Blood set after work today, do you want to join?” I’m like “OMG!!!!!!!!” I’m a HUGE True Blood Fan and only had the pleasure of meeting Anna Paquin at the Scream-4 Premiere. This might be my chance to see Alex and Stephen. So I’m EXCITED!!!! ^_^ I’ve never gone to a set before, so had no clue of what to expect.

Anushika: I met up with Tara around 5pm and head over to the location. Not a lot of people around. I decided to text Scotty to see if they were planning on heading over, and YES! He was on his way with Erica. Really happy to see the familiar faces! =D

Yes, Scotty and I had a fabulous visit the other day, but we hear that Mr. William Compton is also in the building, so we’re hoping for some more good luck!
base camp sign on the true blood season 4 location rare anna paquin rare promo on location mike the fanboy rare hot alexander skarsgard stephen moyer promo

Our scouting report discovers that they are shooting interiors today so we won’t be able to watch them. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is also filming in the area, but the presence of cheesy vampire Halloween balloons adorning one of the ballrooms suggests we found the True Blood set!

So we set up shop outside and proceed to wait. We still have no clue who is inside, but we receive some hints that Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard are around!

Well the waiting game has begun, but there aren’t any professionals or anyone else waiting so it’s nice and low key. Security seems to be leaving us alone since we’re being respectful.

After about an hour, I see the distinctive profile of one large Viking vampire exiting the building. It’s Alexander Skarsgard! I alert Anushika and Tara and they start to scramble to unpack their stuff. As Alexander walks by, Anushika “pulls a Mike” and freezes — she can’t summon enough courage to approach him. Since he was so nice the other day, Scotty and I don’t want to bother him again, but Anushika and Tara may miss out!

We watch Alexander walk around and get inside the passenger side of the car. I can see his shadow in outline as he gets in and then I can clearly see his head is turned towards us. I wave at him with a smile and then I see the shadow of his hand make a “come here” gesture! I see his shadow as he removes his seatbelt and reaches for the car door! Holy crap! He’s getting out of the car!

Anushika is still pulling a Mike and is completely frozen in place. I literally push her forward with an urgent “Go! Go! Go!” and then she snaps into action.

Alexander’s assistant pulls us out of on-coming traffic (we’re so totally distracted we didn’t even notice we’re in the street!) and he obliges us with a great fan moment. Alexander is in a light-hearted mood and is chatting with Tara and Anushika as they get a few autographs. He has a bemused smile on his face as they each run up and take a picture with him, giggling the whole time.

alexander skarsgard as eric northman on the set of true blood season 4 rare promo hot sexy anna paquin autographs signed rare hot

Anushika: OMG!!!!!! I just met Alex!!!!!!! =D He was such a Sweetheart!!!

I’m playing photographer in the background as they can have their moment so imagine my surprise when a smiling Alexander Skarsgard turns to me and asks “Do you want a picture?”

My world stops for a moment as I process this. Yes, I didn’t want to bother him again, but who am I to turn him down? (Right! Getting next to this beautiful and friendly human being is totally secondary.) This is a selfless act on my part…really!

He’s smiling and sooo friendly as I babble some thanks for taking the time for us. Once again he bends in half to take a photo with me since I’m teacup-sized next to him. Despite the full Eric Northman makeup which does not look good with my camera flash, he is really gorgeous, blood dribbling down his shirt and all! Ah! It’s so great when someone is THIS nice!
alexander skarsgard taking a fan photo on the set of true blood season 4 with erica from mike the fanboy rare signed autograph hot sexy rare promo anna paquin stephen moyer

Anushika: I did not shut up about it the rest of the night lol…I mean it’s not every day you catch them in their costumes and make-up….I was restraining myself from jumping up and down!

Yeah! So we settle down to wait and another half hour passes by when I spot Fiona Shaw (tremendous theatre actress best known for playing Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter)!

Scotty: Damn! I didn’t bring my Harry Potter poster! Who knew?

Well, my pal IMDB noted that she’s new for this season so I just happen to have my Harry Potter diary for her to sign! A lovely lady! If you haven’t already, check out her deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.
Fiona Shaw (tremendous theatre actress best known for playing Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter on the set of true blood season 4 rare signed autograph promo poster index card three men and a little lady

She’s so nice and signs for all of us. She spots Anushika’s True Blood poster (the swamp cast photo from season 3) and says “Yes, I’m not one of those sexy people” and signs Anushika’s book instead.

Fiona Shaw (tremendous theatre actress best known for playing Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter on the set of true blood season 4 rare signed autograph promo poster index card three men and a little lady mike the fanboy erica fan photo

We wait for a few more hours and then hear the disappointing news that they have wrapped for the night and everyone has left. Drat! We didn’t see Stephen who was my main reason for being here. Ah well! At least the great moment with Alexander and getting to meet Fiona Shaw made the trip worthwhile.

Anushika: We are walking over to the car and I see this couple coming towards us. I was like, “Wow, she looks like Anna Paquin…..she really looks like Anna…..OMG it’s Anna!!!…..wait that’s Stephen Moyer!!!! OMG!!!! ” I said that a little too loud, but can you really blame me??? =D It’s Sookie and Bill taking a stroll right in front of us!

Scotty: I hear Anushika say, “Oh my God it’s Anna!” I turn and say what?

We’re all sort of stunned so I make the first move and ask if they will take a moment to sign for us. I hate to do this since they are clearly not working, but holy crap! It’s them! They graciously acquiesce and we fly into motion.

Scotty: Sookie and Bill pandemonium ensues.

Anushika: Next thing I know is that we we’re all like ninjas, cameras out and sharpies in hand lol….

I pull out my Rolling Stone for Stephen and he notes “oh you got all of us.” Yes I did!
true blood cast signed autograph rolling stone magazine anna paquin alexander skarsgard stephen moyer rare promo hot sexy shirtless naked
I ask if he’s ever tired of signing this and he stops and looks at me deadpan and says “No, I always like seeing myself naked.” So charming with that British accent! (Which Scotty was floored by – yes, our Southern gentleman vampire is secretly British…)
anna paquin and stephen moyer on the set of true blood season 4 autograph signed rare promo hot sexy rare promo poster rare

I ask if he ever saw the photoshopped Rolling Stone cover where someone removed Anna so it was just Alexander and Stephen. He’s distracted with signing something for Tara so I’m a little surprised when Anna leans towards me and says “you mean the version with the two dudes?” with a bit of exasperation and humor.
stephen moyer and anna paquin on the set of true blood season 4 sexy hot rare bill compton anna paquin rare biltmore hot promo
Yep, they’ve seen it! Only Anna Paquin would think of Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer as “the two dudes”!!stephen moyer on the set of true blood season 4 rare promo hot sexy autograph signed rare bill compton poster rare vampire poster rare

Scotty: I keep asking Anushika for her silver pen as I can’t find mine in this state of panic. I get Stephen to sign my magazine after finding my pen in my pocket. He takes a picture with me and the flash fails me. He says to retake it. Perfect!

I compliment Anna on a play I saw her do in London years and years ago. She smiles and Stephen also remarks that he also saw her in the same play. I tell her how much “I loved your make-out scene with Jake.” She looks puzzled for a moment and them remembers her scene with Jake Gyllenhaal and bursts out laughing.

Scotty: I then ask Anna for a photo and she kindly obliges. I then thank her and she thanks me for watching. ABSOLUTE SURREAL moment.
anna paquin on the set of true blood season 4 signed autograph hot sexy promo photo poster rare almost famous

We all can’t believe how nice they are both being since they are signing and taking pictures with each of us. The two are clearly headed out to have a nice, relaxing dinner together – such a cute couple!

I thank them for taking a moment of their personal time to do this and Stephen smiles and thanks us for realizing that this is their personal time. And then we’re done!

Anushika: We are such Dorks! I really hope they didn’t see the “Victory Group Hug” we did as soon as they left! Lol…

Scotty: A night of semi- disappoint turned into a festival of blood-sucking joy!
true blood on location season 4 with scottys season 3 promo poster signed by anna paquin alexander skarsgard stephen moyer rare promo hot sexy rare

Anushika: One of the BEST experiences EVER!!!! =D I had so much fun and it was such a perfect night with awesome people!!!

true blood season 3 cast signed autograph poster rare promo hot sexy rare anna paquin stephen moyer alexander skarsgard

Nicest cast ever!
Stay tuned for the season 4 premiere of True Blood on June 26th!!
Waiting Sucks!!

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