Mike The Fanboy Presents: The Top 10 Best And Worst Movie Posters Of 2011!

Ah, 2011 is almost at a close, so it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity… Top 10 lists! Whoo Hoo! We here at Mike The Fanboy will have a bunch for you, the first one is the top movie posters of the year. I love movie poster artwork and as you all know I also like to call out movie posters when they are crap, and let me tell you… This year… There’s lots of crap… I mean like… Whew! Crap! In fact our winner of the worst movie poster of 2011 was so horrible, so awful, I can’t even believe that it was released by a major studio. It looked like bad photoshop done by a woodland creature.

So, let’s take a look back now kids, a look back at the good and bad of 2011! Let’s start with the positive!


10. Hanna – I know this is a simple poster, it’s literally a close up of Saoirse Ronan’s face. However, she’s so into character that this simple image is amazingly effective. In fact because of this poster I wanted to see Hanna even before I saw the trailer…. That to me is really effective!

hanna rare movie poster promo kate blanchet Saoirse Ronan eric banna rare promo poster hot sexy

9. Sucker Punch – I know the movie left a lot of people cold, and even though I liked it… I understand why people didn’t like it. However, I still think that the poster artwork is pretty damn great. There were three different sets of individual posters, and they were pretty amazing.

sucker_punch rare promo poster emily browning hot sexy promo still sucker punch hot sexy rare promo

8. The Muppets – I am so jazzed that the Muppets are back. The movie was good but not extraordinary. however, the posters were pretty damn awesome. I love this poster in particular where Jason Segel and Amy Adams are getting bowled over by a wall of Muppets!

muppets_ver4 the muppets rare promo poster amy adams jason segel hot kermit the frog rare promo poster disney

7. Scream 4 – Again this is another case of the film not living up to the poster artwork. For the fourth and possibly last film in the Scream franchise the powers that be created a really great poster image with ghostface blending into a knife. I love it. Again very simple and effective.

scream_four_ver3 scre4m scream 4 rare promo poster hot sexy courteney cox david arquette neve campbell promo poster knife ghostface

6.Warrior – Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton must have had to work out like crazy to get into this kind of shape. I mean damn, and this poster definetly shows how hard they had to work. It also demonstrates the characters in the film because they both are very clearly in character.

warrior_ver3 warrior rare promo poster tom hardy shirtless sexy hot muscle bane joel edgerton shirtless hot sexy

5. We Bought A Zoo – I applaud Cameron Crowe and Fox for putting out such a unique and interesting poster. It’s visually stunning and so simple. I love they way they did this, it’s also slightly melancholic which most of Cameron Crowe’s films are, but to get that feel in an art poster is pretty rare.

we_bought_a_zoo_ver2 we bought a zoo rare promo poster cameron crowe matt damon scarlett johanssen art poster

4. Thor – Marvel really did an amazing job this summer. For the first of their films, they released an awesome teaser poster featuring Chris Hemsworth. The black background and the way they poster Chris really was great, way way better than the red poster that was released later on.

thor rare teaser promo poster chris hemsworth hot sexy rare avengers promo poster golden god frat rare boy

3. Ides Of March – This is really great visual. For this political thriller Ryan Gosling and George Clooney make a great pair, and the way that the designers blended both of them with the time cover. Very cool. Again it’s simple but hyper effective!

ides_of_march rare promo poster george clooney ryan gosling rare promo poster promo hot sexy men ryan gosling sexy

2. Captain America – They way each of the Captain America posters looked… Amazing, I’m saying that Marvel outdone itself with both of their releases. The best out of all the Captain America posters was the teaser poster featuring Chris Evans with the Captain America shield. It’s very impressive.

captain_america_the_first_avenger rare teaser promo poster hot sexy chris evans shield promo poster avenger rare hot sexy damn fine shirtless

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – For the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga, there were over 11 individual posters, and several teaser and official posters released. All of them were damn awesome, special props to the Maggie Smith individual poster and this one with the three leads.

harry_potter_and_the_deathly_hallows_part_two_ver21 harry potter rare promo poster damn fine daniel radcliffe emma watson rupert grint hot rare promo poster art


10. Larry Crowe – What the hell were they thinking, hey lets pair two stars of the 1990’s and put them on a scooter. Granted that was a bad choice on the writers part but then they made the title super huge! Like anyone knows who the frakk Larry Crowne is… They know Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks… Or at least we thought we did until we saw this piece of trash.

larry_crowne rare teaser movie poster promo julia roberts tom hanks scooter rare promo movie poster promo

9. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – I didn’t realize that Jim Carrey loved the winter birds so much. I don’t know if they love him, because in this poster it looks like they are going to peck his face off… Literally, it’s like the Birds, They are ready to draw blood.

mr_poppers_penguins rare teaser movie poster promo jim carrey penguins rare kids movie poster

8. Just Go With It – The first of our Adam Sandler films making the worst poster list this year. It’s like bad photoshop gone crazy. Are any of these people even in the same room, and the hot chick in the background. It makes me weep for middle america. People still went to see this crap… No, they did. The movie wasn’t half as bad as the poster would suggest.

just_go_with_it rare promo teaser poster adam sandler jennifer aniston rare poster promo just go with it hot rare hot bickini clad girl

7. New Year’s Eve – This is just as horrible as Valentine’s Day, but with a B list cast! YAY! Let’s just put photos of the “stars” in block and toss them on the poster. With this cast who wouldn’t show up! Let’s make Sofia Vergara look caucasion! Let’s make Robert De Niro look like he’s constipated! Let’s make Jon Bon Jovi look way the hell confused to be in this mess! Sigh…

new_years_eve_ver2 rare promo movie poster garry marshall lea michele jon bon jovi hilary swank glee michelle pfeiffer robert de niro

6. Abduction – Color me crazy, but when you have a 17 year old star, do you need to photoshop the hell out of him? I mean Taylor Lautner looks anamatronic… Come on guys, let’s let the boy grow some facial hair when he’s sliding down the side of a building!

abduction_ver2 rare promo teaser post hot sexy taylor Lautner hot sex taylor lautner shirtless muscle bicep rare promo werewolf

5. Green Lantern – This is what I like to call the armpit poster. It’s almost as if the whole Green Lantern corp is saying, “Raise you’re hand if you’re sure!” That’s not a good look for a comic book movie adaptation! Please Warner Bros go check out what Marvel is doing and copy them… Copy them now!

green_lantern_ver14 rare promo movie poster promo ryan reynolds rare hot sexy dance green lantern armpit poster

4. The Sitter – Wow… Does anyone even like Jonah Hill… I mean really I want to hear it if you do, because I don’t know anyone. So this poster that plasters his mug front and center on this poster, just makes me want to avoid this movie… Avoid it like chlamydia and the cheap hooker that could have given it to me.

sitter the sitter rare promo movie poster promo jonah hill superbad horrible movie jonah hill fat

3. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 – It’s almost over so God willing for the final installment perhaps they will get it right. Cause this poster… Man… Kristen Stewart looks bored as usual, Robert Pattinson looks like he’s concerned his hair isn’t in place, and Taylor lautner looks like he just wants to take his shirt off to upstage everyone! Plus don’t they all look like they are made out of wax?

Twilight-Breaking-Dawn-Part-1-movie-poster-August-2011 rare promo robert pattinson kristen stewart taylor lautner rare hot sexy promo teaser poster promo

2. Jack and Jill – I know this could be a cheap shot, because this monstrosity should be taken like an old piece of trash, thrown up into the sky and shot. I mean, wow, this is what nightmares are made of. Literally… I get scared, forget the Walking Dead, this is what I get nightmares of…

jack_and_jill rare promo teaser poster adam sandler rare movie poster adam sandler in drag rare ugly

1. X-Men: First Class – Okay, damn this sucks… and I do mean damn. This is like a 5 year old who did a finger painting in pre school. It’s that bad… So bad that they superimposed Michael Fassbenders face on his crotch… Like really guys, REALLY! Ugh…

xmen_first_class_ver4 rare teaser promo poster michael fassbender rare teaser poster face in crotch worst poster of 2011
xmen_first_class_ver5 james mcavory rare teaser promo poster professor x dance teaser poster promo rare signed autograph rare

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