Mike The Fanboys 10 WORST Movies of 2010… Yeah I know, only 10!

Adam Sandler Grown Ups rare mini promo movie poster Kevin james one sheet sexy

2010 is rolling quickly to a close and as far as movie going goes, I’m not sad to see it pass us by. I mean really, this year was simply just… to be kind… below adequate. Lol… Ah well, I blame the writer’s strike. Still, it’s always more fun to look back at the worst of the year and not the best. And this year… oh, there was some heinous crap put into theatres… and no I’m not talking about Burlesque, cause I’m one of the few who didn’t mind it. In fact here’s 10 films that made Burlesque look like genius sent from heaven… Yeah, I know right…

The LAst Airbender avatar M. Night Shyamalan one sheet movie poster rare

10. The Last Air bender – Can someone please write a memo, draft a letter, just something to get studios to STOP GIVING M. Night Shyamalan money to make the crappiest movies known to man? I mean sure The Happening was the best comedy of 2008. The image of Marky Mark apologizing to a fake plant still makes me laugh when I’m down, but the Last Airbender… I mean even the effects were bad.. People… STOP GOING TO HIS MOVIES… the previews look okay, the movies are crap. Take my word for it. If he builds it, don’t come.

Step Up 3d one sheet movie poster rare sexy men shirtless dancing

9. Step Up 3D – I’m going to Step Up right now and say… Stop making crap… and stop making crap in 3D. Seriously, Yogi Bear? Really? I saw this reluctantly and you know the feeling when you only see something cause someone else wants to and you’re pleasantly surprised… I didn’t have that experience here… TRUST ME!

jennifer aniston the switch movie poster one sheet jason bateman sexy naked rare photo

8. The Switch – There are many things that confound me… the biggest thing though, and I’ve really tried to wrap my head around this… Is why studios think that Jennifer Aniston is a star? She’s not. Great on Friends, I mean great… But it’s not the 1990’s stop trying to be Rachel Green… in every movie! (you listening Michael Cera?) It’s just cloying, annoying, and boring. Stop… Now… Just put it to rest and pick better projects… really sperm… really… No… REALLY!

Jennifer aniston gerard butler Bounty hunter one sheet movie poster shirtless naked 300 sexy hot

7. The Bounty Hunter – I try to not include two movies by the same stars on my year end lists, whether it be positive or negative… but this movie was so bad that Jennifer Aniston needs to be shown how low her career has sunk… And she drug Gerard Butler into the mix. This movie made P.S. I Love You look like Shakespearian prose! Just beyond words terrible. Why… WHY! Tell me now! Sigh… I’m getting angry just remembering watching this movie and I saw it on DVD! Ugh…

When in rome one sheet movie poster kristen bell veronica mars rare Dax Shepard douche sexy hot

6. When In Rome – I love Kristen Bell. Love… LOVE… L-O-V-E her! Didn’t love this movie! It was horribly written clichéd and just unpleasant… Why has my Veronica Mars sunk to this depth… Sigh… I blame Dax Shepard and not just because he’s a douche but he’s destroying my Veronica Mars! Come back to us Kristen… come back…

Ryan Phillippe shirtless sexy men's health hot macgruber will forte one sheet movie poster kirsten wiig Ryan Phillippe

5. Macgruber – Good idea… Could be super funny… Kristen Wiig, awesome, Ryan Phillippe, really went for it, totally game… The movie… a steaming pile of shit. Almost unwatchable… I think it was the celery up Will Forte’s ass that made me pause and reflect on my life… and the hour I just wasted watching this movie.

Kevin Smith Cop Out one sheet movie poster mini comic con rare bruce willis tracey morgan

4. Cop Out – Kevin Smith, there’s a reason you are on my list. That’s because Clerks was a classic, Mallrats was stupid fun, Chasing Amy was assured and great… and then it all went downhill… I mean buddy… Jersey Girl, Clerks II, where did it all go wrong, and man I’m telling you I’m a fan! Sigh… I have hope for Red State, just a little though, but I do have it.

The Wolfman Emily Blunt anthony hopkins one sheet movie poster rare mini

3. The Wolfman – Now, this could be number one… Easily, in any other year it would have been. To squander Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Torro, and Anthony Hopkins in this mess of a movie. I mean the effects were like 1960s stop motion animation, the acting was subpar, I couldn’t understand Benicio Del Torro and seriously had to use the subtitles. I might have to buy this just for the sake of how crappy it is. It’s true, when I’m feeling low I can put this on and say, well at least I didn’t make that piece of crap. Oh, as a side note Joe Johnston, the director of this classic, is also directing Captain America. I think that sounds about right… yeah…

Adam Sandler Grown Ups rare mini promo movie poster Kevin james one sheet sexy

2. Grown Ups – I can’t believe I made it through this. I’m getting angry just thinking about how much money it made. It’s not like I’m looking for meaning in an Adam Sandler flick, but this was like going my father’s friends cabin and videotaping his old unfunny friends who still think they are cool. Guess what… no. Was there even a script? Why was Salma Hayek even in this monstrosity… What a waste… sigh…

Sam Worthington Clash of the Titans one sheet movie poster rare mini shirtless sexy hot naked sweat

1. Clash of the Titans – Yes, it deserves to be number one. Not because it’s the worst movie of the year, but because it had so much potential and then just killed it. Sam Worthington… man, what happened? The best thing about this movie was the cameo by Bubo the owl and that was a joke! The 3D was like watching the movie though an ugly green fog, and Medusa! What the hell was that… It was like a cartoon green stretchy Smurf was drawn onto the screen! I’m glad Sam Worthington said, they learned their mistakes on this movie and the sequel will be better but I won’t be there. Let it go guys. Really, let it go.

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