Mike The Fanboy’s List of the Top Ten Best and Worst Autograph Signers For 2011!

Every year there are the best and worst lists, well this is no different. You know I think that this list is at least somewhat important. I think the average moviegoing consumer should know that when they lay their money down, watch a television series, download a song from I-Tunes etc… which celebrities welcome fans and are kind. They should also know which celebrities are jerks. LOL…

So, we at Mike The Fanboy have put together a list of the top ten best and worst autograph signers of 2011. Now, none of us are dealers who flip 30 photos on someone, we are all fans who do not sell. So, this literally comes directly from the fans, and the way we did this list is compiled all out best and worst experiences this year. Period. If someone was nice and signed one item, I think that’s a great signer. This was based on not only how celebrities signed autographs but also who is and who is not fan friendly.

Let’s get to it after the jump!



10. Matt Bomer – The White Collar star is one of the nicest guys you could ever possibly come across. I’ve seen him stay for hours and hours signing autographs and taking photos with fans without even flinching. One of the kindest, most fan friendly people out there!

white collar star the sexy hot matt bomer signs autographs for fans in 2011 hot while collar

9. Chris Hemsworth – The man known as Thor this summer was literally hounded everywhere he went. And everywhere he went… He stopped and took time for fans… After talk show tapings… At the Thor PremiereAt random eventsHe signed at them all. Time will tell if this continues, but for 2011, he was pretty damn awesome!

thor star chris hemsworth signing autographs for fans hot sexy thor star rare promo cabin in the woods

8. Harrison Ford – Mr. Indiana Jones has had an interesting history with fans. There were years when Mr. Ford was not so fan friendly, but this year… Man, he signed everywhere he went. It was crazy! Now, Harrison did not really do photos and kept his limit at one per person, but it was rare to hear him not signing when politely asked.


7. Mark Ruffalo – The second Avenger on this list, Mark Ruffalo has proven many times this year what an awesome guy he is. It doesn’t matter how many people there are, Mark Ruffalo takes time out to greet each and everyone… With a smile.

mark ruffalo aka the hulk signs autographs for fans after a talk show taping the avengers best autograph signer of 2011

6. Mark Wahlberg – Even this year has been quieter than most for Mark Wahlberg, he still is one of the nicest celebrities out there. He always takes time out for fans, and will sign anything you put in front of him. Where many celebrities will flinch at signing their older stuff (i.e. the infamous Calvin Klein shots) Mark has no problem with it. Class act all the way.

Marky-Mark-Wahlberg-signing-autographs-for-fans-at-a-talk-show-taping calvin klein hot sexy shirtless damn fine fuckable

5. Dustin Hoffman – An acting legend, Mr. Hoffman is literally so kind that he will joke around with fans while signing, take photos, and in the case of Pinky take her dog down the line signing at the Kung Foo Panda 2 premiere. That’s rare in this hobby!

dustin hoffman signing autographs for fans at the kung foo panda 2 world movie premiere rain man

4. Jon FavreauThe Cowboys and Aliens director is a fanboy at heart. As Big Mike has said, “This is one man who understands the fans.” And that he does. Even when he’s rushed he does what he can. simply put there should be more celebrities like him!

iron man director jon favreau signs autographs for fans outside a talk show taping promoting cowboys and aliens

3. Lady Gaga – There is one thing about a celebrity stopping and being nice to fans, but it’s another when you meet someone who is at the top of the food chain. However, Lady Gaga always takes time out for fans, and with the kind of passionate fans she has, you just never know how they are going to react when they are in front of her. Each time Lady Gaga is patient and gives as much time as she can.

the one and only ms. lady gaga stopping her car and signing autographs for her fans after a talk show taping!

2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Yes, they are a twosome but both are quite a pair to their fans. Angie is simply put one of the kindest people and one of the best autograph signers out there. Brad might be tougher, but he’s still really good to his fans as well.

angelina jolie signing autographs for fans at the kung foo panda 2 premiere in los angeles rare brad pitt signing autographs for fans at the kung foo panda 2 premiere in los angeles rare

1. Johnny Depp – Johnny is so nice to his fans, so so nice. I don’t think there has even been a premiere where he doesn’t sign or greet the fans. CB even said that they set up barricades at the Rum Diary premiere, because Johnny wanted to meet his fans. This is very rare in a day and age when a lot of celebs try to avoid their fans!

johnny depp signing autographs for fans at the rango world movie premiere rum diary rare hot sexy johnny depp

Honorable Mentions for 2011: Anton Yelchin, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Cloris Leachman, Elijah Wood, Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard.


10. Molly Ringwald – I know it’s not 1985 but so many of us here are huge fans of the 1980’s and so the classic stars of the 1980s. Molly Ringwald is very harsh to fans, and has given me the look of death so many times this year even Pinky has refused to ask her again for a photo. You would think she was the hottest thing on the planet!

molly ringwald in a press still from pretty in pink wearing her hand made prom dress prom-dress promo

9. Edie Falco – Every year comes and every year goes, and with each passing year I look forward to the annual diss from Edie Falco. I have literally been trying to get Ms. Falco for about… oh four to five years now, and each time… The annual diss, it’s almost a tradition at this point!

nurse jackie season 3 rare promo poster edie falco merrit weaver showtime promo poster

8. Darius Rucker – I’m not sure if one encounter earns someone being on this list, but the way it all happened, yeah… I think it does. Darius Rucker ran out after ignoring fans all day, and then told Pinky, that she needs to get a life and he has a life outside of “this.” I’m assuming “This” means music. Ah well… I never actually thought he made real “music” anyway!

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Yep, the 3rd Rock from the Sun star is leaving fans in the dust. I used to be a huge fan until I saw his behavior first hand… Wow, and this year I hear it’s only getting worse. Ignoring fans, smiling in people’s faces while saying, “No! I can’t sign!”

joseph gordon levitt sexy hot rare shirtless photo promo photoshoot photo shoot inception

6. John Goodman – I’ve went out for Mr. Goodman a couple times this year and both times I was completely ignored. Barely a wave, and rarely an acknowledgement. It was sad actually because Dan Connor, John Goodman is not!

John-Goodman-leaves-a-talk-show-taping-and-ignores-waiting-fans red state dan connor douche asshole rare promo

5. Steve Buscemi – It’s like a Big Lebowski diss for 2011! Steve has not only dissed people on many different occasions, but he loves to do the fake phone call. I hate the fake phone call more than anything. Like suddenly you get a call and can’t hear the screaming fans? Really, that call, it’s that important? I’ve even heard him tell people when asked for a quick autograph, “Yeah right.”

fargo and ghostworld star steve buscemi rare promo press still big lebowski

4. Sam Rockwell – Man, this guy is a piece of work. There’s a reason Sam Rockwell always plays such shady characters, cause he’s so shady. When Erica was in New York, Sam had a cup of coffee in his hand and just couldn’t put it in another hand to sign her poster, even though he told her, “Wow, that’s cool.” At the Zookeeper premiere, he didn’t even look over at people.

3. Catherine O’Hara – Now, Catherine has always been a bit prickly, but this year the Best in Show star was downright nasty. At an event earlier this year, Catherine was waiting for her car for over 30 minutes, would she come over to sign just for me? Nope, it was a battle of wills, for all 30 minutes… The crowd started to turn on her, with one guy yelling, “Come on Catherine, it’s just one guy…” Then when Catherine tried to hide, he yelled, “We can still see you Catherine!” At one point the press even turned on her with one journalist saying, “I think she broke her hand.” Nasty.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Wow, this one was so sad. Sarah has never been the nicest celebrity but I heard she was mellowing… I guess not. She wouldn’t even look at people, whether it was on set, at promotional events, nothing. Big Mike had a great recap of his experience going out for her earlier this year, that summ up what I feel like about Ms. Gellar as well. It’s sad, maybe she should re-watch episodes of her old series.

1. Natalie Portman – Hands down the worst least fan friendly celebrity ever! Like, shockingly bad. At the No Strings Attached premiere, she wouldn’t even look over even though we were so close w could have spit on her. Independent Spirit awards, again nadda. During a Black Swan Q and A a fan asked for a photo, Natalie ignored him, so he asked again, she turned to him and said, “If I didn’t answer you the first time what makes you think I’m going to answer you the second.” Talk about showing your true colors!

Honorable Mentions: Charlize Theron, Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neil, Ed Norton, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, John Cho

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