Funko Funday! Jordan Joins The Agents Of SHIELD After Meeting Ming-Na Wen! Signed Funko Pop Goodness!

Funko Tuesday!!!

Its Asian American Heritage Month yes, it`s an important month to celebrate all the Asian American Actors in Hollywood! A lot of them have made significant impacts in the movie and television industry. My personal favorite Asian American Actress is Ming-Na Wen Signed Funko Pop Goodness!!! She has starred in many movies and television shows such as Mulan, Agents of SHIELD, The Mandalorian, and the Joy Club. Ming Na Wen has traversed the movie industry. She continues to be a role model for future actresses. She was always super nice at San Diego Comic Con when she would show up with cast of AGENTS OF SHIELD! She`s one of the most fan friendly celebrities!!! I cant wait to see what she works on next year!!!

Ming-Na Wen Signed Funko Pop Goodness!

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