Miss Julie Play Review! Geffen Theater In Westwood! Scott Fanboy’s Out After Meeting Logan Marshall Green! Photos! Autographs! And Frakking Grey Hairs!

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I always love hearing from people who don’t go out all the time. It’s so fun to hear the different perspectives, lol… You probably read my article about meeting Freddie Rodriguez and Logan Marshall Green last week. Well… My friend Scott was there as well and he doesn’t always head out to meet people so when he says, “I’d like a photo with Logan Marshall-Green” you kind of go, okay let’s go.

Scott also attended the play Logan was starring in, Miss Julie at the Geffen theater.

Check out his full on fanboy report after the jump!



May 12 is my grandpa’s birthday. He passed away in 1999 and I’ve tried to do something fun every year since to celebrate his memory. This year my friend Erica was in town and we decided to stalk Logan Marshall Green at the Geffen Theatre. The day went something like this:

miss julie play poster geffen theater logan marshall green freddie rodriguez signing autographs

• We arrived in West Wood at noon. None of us had eaten lunch so we grabbed food at Noodle World. I really wanted Corner Bakery but neither Mike nor Erica like their food, which, as a side-note, is utter insanity. As a second side-note: Noodle World blows. The food was terrible.

• After a disgusting lunch, we headed over to the Geffen. I’ve lived in LA for over 13 years and I’ve never been to the Geffen. It was on my bucket list of “things to do in LA” (along with Pink’s hotdogs, hike to the Hollywood sign, and sleep with Ashton Kutcher).

I should mention that “autographing” is not my thing. I get nervous. I get tongue tied. I feel uncomfortable, etc.. but today Logan Marshall Green is starring in “Miss Julie” and I’m promised that “the Geffen is very accessible and easy” and “that he will most definitely do photos”.

(Editor’s Note: no one said “he will most definitely do photos” just an FYI! M-)

• After 15 minutes waiting out front, in the sweltering heat, we see Logan walking up. Unfortunately none of us recognize him. His hair is long and in his face. I expected the close shaved Logan of “Prometheus”. He is in all black and holding a motorcycle helmet. I had a feeling that it was him- but was assured by my fellow “autographers” that it was not. Always go with your gut people..

• Another 15 minutes of “was that him” and “that wasn’t him’s” later – we decide that we missed him and that our group wanted to wait until after the show and catch him.

• I decide that since I’ve never been to the Geffen- that I would go in and see the show. I’m told that “Miss Julie” is in the small theatre and that I’ll be “very close to Logan”.
The show was interesting. I’m not familiar with “Miss Julie” so I really didn’t know what to expect. I entered the theatre to find a lovely black and white set that looked straight out of “Downton Abbey”, 1920’s jazz was blaring through the loud speakers. So far, so good. The audience was exactly what you would expect at a Sunday matinee on Mother’s Day. Lots of grey hair and Shalimar. The show stars Lily Rabe as Julie. Most “fanboy fans” will know Rabe from American Horror Story.

Miss-Julie geffen theater logan marshall green lily rabe rare

Rabe is over-the-top with her Julie. She’s loud, she’s flamboyant, she loves attention. You get all of this immediately. She’s also a fucking mess. That comes pretty quick as well. Laura Heisler plays Kristine, the cook. I get the feeling that the audience is supposed to sympathize for Kristine, but I never do. Heisler plays her with an edge that makes you never quite sure that she’s any better than the other two characters. You find out later that her character is pregnant. I couldn’t help but wonder, was her pregnancy an accident or did she get pregnant to entrap her lover John, played by Logan Marshall Green (I’m not sure if the writer wants me to think these things..but I find myself going there anyway). Marshall Green’s John is also a bit of an enigma. I found myself questioning the sincerity of most of what he says. Is he a good guy pretending to be bad? Or vice versa. I don’t think you ever really know. I suppose it’s left to the audience to decide.

Miss-Julie geffen theater logan marshall green lily rabe rare

What makes the play work is the intense chemistry between Marshall-Green and Rabe. They fight, they fuck, they drink, all with such extreme intensity. It is clear that both actors put 100% of themselves into these characters. What doesn’t work is the play itself. The last 20 minutes seems to go back and forth between drama and farce. I found myself not sure if I should laugh or cringe. You feel sorry for both Julie and John, but at the same time you can’t help but think “fucking idiots- you did this to yourselves”. We’ve all had people like this in our lives and it is always hard to be on their side. You try, but eventually you just want to smack them.

Miss-Julie geffen theater logan marshall green lily rabe rare

• In the end- I have to say that I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed the Geffen. I really enjoyed the actors performances. I hated the audience. Fucking grey hairs!!! They talked and laughed and slept though most of the show. The bitch behind me laughed for a good 6 minutes straight (at nothing..I might add), the 112 year old woman to my left slept away most of the show and only woke up when she needed to know “what’s happening?”. It was unreal. I’ve never experienced such a fucked audience in all of my life.

• So now the show is over. The curtain call was uncomfortable to say the least. I wanted to stand up and say “You were all three awesome. Sorry the audience is such douches”.

• I ran out to find Mike and Erica waiting on the street. They asked about the show. How was Logan? Etc.. They hadn’t seen anyone leave so I was hopeful that we would see him and we could get a pic. I had a terrible feeling that he might not come out.

• We probably hung out for 15 minutes or so and then saw Logan coming out with 2 friends. I really didn’t want to bother him since he was with friends but I also wanted a photo with him really bad. Even more so now that I had seen how great he was in the show. I want this pic before he gets too big and wont’ do photos!!

• Erica asks Logan if he’ll sign her “Prometheus” poster. I really wanted to say something to him but I just couldn’t open my mouth. I get so tongue tied in these situations. He was so kind and was actually instigating conversation. Thank God Erica and Mike are good at that sort of thing. Finally Erica says “Logan, would you take a photo with our friend. He’s a really big fan”. Logan was like “What? Who?”. He shook my hand and introduced himself, which I always find endearing. He posed for the photo and thanked me for coming to the show. Honestly- I think he would have stood there and talked to us for 30 minutes. He was just that nice.

logan marshall green fan photo signing autographs for fans hot sexy freddie rodriguez signing autographs 011b

• To finish up- I love days like this. What took 5 minutes of Logan’s day created a loyal fan from now on. I will always support him and his work. He’s a very talented guy. He’s hot as hell. And I believe/hope that he will continue to have an amazing career!

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