Manic Monday! Pinky Yells “Joe Lies!” After Meeting Lili Taylor And The Cast Of Say Anything! John Cusack! Ione Skye! And More!

In your eyes, I can see the light, in your eyes…

How can you not love that movie? Seriously? One of the best films ever made.

Pinky just recently headed out to meet one of the last cast members from the film, Lili Taylor! She was so sweet! Pinky even got two photos with her! Let’s give a God bless to Lili Taylor!

Check out Pinky’s Manic Monday below!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still thrilled about meeting one of my all-time favorite actresses, Lili Taylor. Of course, I can’t think about Lili without wanting to quote her iconic lines from the amazing film, Say Anything.

lili taylor gif say anything

She was such a standout in that movie! I mean, seriously, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you go out and watch it immediately. It’s one of Cameron Crowe’s best films and is such a great film.

lili taylor gif say anything

Lili plays John Cusack’s best friend, Corey, in it and completely steals every scene she’s in (especially when she’s singing one of her 63 songs about her ex-boyfriend, Joe. Who could forget, “Joe Lies”?). I’d only seen Lili once in person at Sundance about a million years ago, but she was on a stage far away and I never had a chance to meet her. So, when we saw an event come up where Lili would be, I jumped at the chance to go. In fact, I was so impatient that, despite having tickets into the event, I waited outside for her to arrive and got a picture with her then just so I could relax during the screening.

Lili Taylor fan photo signing autographs 2016

Afterwards, at the reception, she was being so cool that I had to get another picture with her (I couldn’t resist!) that didn’t have a barricade in it. She was so sweet!

Lili Taylor fan photo signing autographs 2016

I was sure I’d start singing, “Joe Lies” to her, but she had a great sense of humor about it – she even told me that someone else had sung it to her. Phew! I’m not the only Say Anything nerd out there! The movie is so special to me and I’m grateful to have met John Cusack, Ione Skye, Cameron Crowe, and now Lili Taylor from the film.

John Cusack fan photo say anything cast now2

cameron crowe fan photo say anything cast now2

Ione Skye fan photo say anything cast now2

Ione Skye fan photo say anything cast now2

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