Manic Monday! Justin Theroux Goodness! Pinky Meets The Leftovers And Sex and the City Hunk! Woo To The Hoo!

How can you not love Justin Theroux? He was in so much stuff, from Six Feet Under to Sex and the City to Romy and Michelle, and more!

Justin Theroux is now on the HBO series The Leftovers and Pinky had the opportunity to meet him over the weekend. I can tell you how cool he and the cast were but that will be another time!

For now, check out Pinky’s Manic Monday below!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here super excited to have met one of my absolute faves over the weekend, Justin Theroux. I have been trying to meet him for the longest time! I first saw him in Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, but he’s been in so many things I’ve loved over the years. Did you know he played two different characters on Sex and the City?

justin-theroux sex and the city

I love that!

justin-theroux sex and the cityjustin-theroux sex and the city

Most recently we’ve become completely obsessed with the brilliant HBO show, The Leftovers.


Justin’s work on the show is so incredible I’m not sure why he hasn’t won all the awards for it. We LOVE The Leftovers and were thrilled to see a special FYC event come up with the cast, especially Justin Theroux. Although I’ve always heard how nice he is, I’d never seen him before, so I was anxious to experience it myself. True to the hype, he was over the top nice! When I asked him for a picture after the Q&A, he was like, “Sure! Let me come down off the stage.” Um, OK!

Justin Theroux fan photo selfie meeting fans

Not only did I get a picture with Justin, but once the crowd died down a bit, Keith and I were able to get one together with him, as well. So stoked!

Justin Theroux fan photo selfie meeting fans

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