Manic Monday! Pinky Grabs Her Silver Spoons After Meeting Ricky Schroder! Photos! Fun! And T-Shirts!

It’s Manic Monday!

Pinky loves her some Ricky Schroder, I don’t know of anyone who is a bigger fan of the Rickster!

Recently, Ricky Schroder had a q and a and Pinky and Keith were able to meet him.

Check out her recap below!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still excited after seeing my #1 crush (aside from my husband, of course) at a Q&A event last week. Although I’ve been lucky to meet Ricky Schroder several times throughout the years, I’d never seen him in person when I was with Keith.

silver spoons ricky schroeder logo

My goal was to get my two main guys together in one shot. I mean, I’m working on my next Christmas card here, people….what could be more perfect than that?

kristen pinky coogan ricky schroeder shirt

kristen pinky coogan ricky schroeder shirt

As luck would have it, Ricky was scheduled to do a Q&A after a screening of, “A Coat of Many Colors,” which is the NBC TV movie where he played Dolly’s Parton’s dad.

DOLLY PARTON"S COAT OF MANY COLORS -- "Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors" -- Pictured: (l-r) Alyvia Alyn Lind as Dolly, Jennifer Nettles as Avie Lee Parton, Rick Schroder as Lee Parton -- (Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC)

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly suggest checking it out because it tugs at all the heartstrings. Everyone in it did an amazing job and I couldn’t recommend it more. After the screening, Ricky was nice enough to hang out and chat with everyone. We were able to get a picture with him inside (which doesn’t usually happen at that particular venue) and all was well.

Ricky Schroder fan photo meeting fans

But, as we were walking to our car, we happened upon Ricky again as he was getting into his car. Of course I couldn’t resist asking for a picture on my iPhone (so that I’d have it right away). I’m SO happy I asked because that turned out to my favorite picture of all.

Ricky Schroder fan photo meeting fans

So fun! Thanks, Ricky, for being so awesome, as usual.

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