Manic Monday! Pinky Is Be-Witched After Meeting The Cast! Robyn Lively! Mandy Ingber! Dan Gauthier! And More!

Pinky had a blast with weekend and I was lucky enough to join her on her fangirl adventure. I’ll have my own recap later on this week but for today’s Manic Monday, Pinky is talking about meeting the Teen Witch cast! 

Ummm it was adorable! Everyone was so nice!

Check out the recap below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here after an enjoyable and lazy weekend. One of the main things we had on our agenda was to attend the Street Food Cinema screening of Teen Witch at the Historic Downtown Park.

Now, Teen Witch is one of Mike the Fanboy’s favorite movies and watching him fanboy out over the stars of the film, Robyn Lively and Mandy Ingber, was incredibly entertaining.

Both were so friendly and cool! Mandy even commented on our picture afterwards – cracked me up!

We’d been fortunate to meet Dan Gauthier (who also starred in the movie) at the Hollywood Show not too long ago. Super fun to get to meet them all! Thanks, Street Food Cinema, for having us!

Dan Gauthier teen witch reunion with fans now 0010 Dan Gauthier teen witch reunion with fans now 0010

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